2020 Events and other services cancelled – updated 6 April 2020

We have now cancelled all Regalia sales from the T Register shop. Dispatching items involved a trip to the Post Office and we cannot justify the exposure of one of our members.

The 2020 Events Page has been updated with the latest information we have on cancellations.

We have cancelled the Spring Tour to the Ardennes and all participants have been contacted about their hotel deposits.

Rebuild has also been cancelled for this year and there will be a full refund for people who have already paid for the event – our Treasurer will be in touch with you all via email to arrange refunds.
The Brooklands MG event on 19 April has also been cancelled.

We have abandoned planning for the T Party due to the uncertainty that surrounds us. MG Live is still going ahead at the moment but of course the club will conform to all government advice.

Motorsport UK (the body delegated by the government to govern car sporting events which includes road runs) has now withdrawn ALL licences until 30 June so that any activity organised by a CRB that is subject to a MSUK permit or certificate of exemption cannot proceed, and any event planned up to 30 June 2020 will not be covered by MSUK permit or certificates of exemption and has to be cancelled. This includes not only race meetings, but also rallies, trials, sprints, hillclimbs and road runs.

This also includes MG Live, because without the MSUK permit of course no racing can be planned.
There is a full report on what is happening with MG Live on the main club website.

The Autumn Tour is actually solidly booked up and we are keeping a reserve list, but of course we are keeping it very much under review and we have until July to decide whether to cancel or go ahead with the event.

Just to inject a note of optimism, we are actively considering the planning for the 2021 Autumn Tour.

Kimber House have put up a comprehensive listing of advice and of events that have been cancelled and it’s worth a read –