Survey on online delivery for the T Register shop

At present, orders to the T Register shop are fulfilled by the main MG Car club’s online shop, and clicking the item in the T Register shop takes you straight to the ordering system in the MGCC shop.
However we have run into difficulties. Due problems caused by Brexit regulations and the turmoil caused by the pandemic, the MGCC shop will no longer accept orders from North America, the EU and the Rest of the World. This gives the T Register a problem because most of the orders for our shop items come from overseas.
So we are considering moving to an online delivery system to get round many of these problems, in the first place for the smaller Workshop Booklets, and the DVDs

  1. The booklets would be password protected pdf files which you would download to your computer or other device
  2. The DVDs would be made available on YouTube; you would need a Google account to view them.

In effect the charge for these items would be for access, but the good news is that prices would go down.
This would be a big step for us – and for yourselves – and we’re not sure how it would be received. So we put together a small survey to gauge opinion on the change and it would really help if you completed it for us.

Shop online delivery survey questions