Factory Records and Register of known T Types

If you’ve read the post on ‘how to become a member of the T Register’, you will understand the rather tortuous title …

The T Register holds the world’s most complete records of all T Types. There are two separate records

  1. We have the factory records of production, so you if you know the chassis number of a car, you can check, say, what the number of its original engine was. And if you have an engine which you think was not original to the car, you can check in which car it was originally installed. And in the case of TFs, you can decipher what original colour it was and where in the world (roughly) it was delivered to.
  2. We hold a record of what T Types are known to the T Register. You can search on the Licence plate (and this includes overseas Licence plates where known) and you can also search on the chassis number of the car.

Search the factory records by chassis number or engine number

Search for whether a T Type is known to the T Register

There is ’round trip’ facility in the records so after searching and finding a car in the factory records, there is a text button which replaces the factory record with the known T Type record – if we have one of course. Conversely after searching and finding a car in the known T Type records, there is a text button which replaces the record with its factory record; so you can easily switch back and forth between the two sets of records.

Instructions for searching are shown on the relevant search page and please take note of them.

For the records of which T Types are known to exist, there is the facility to add a car or update details of a car already known, including a photograph of the car. To do this you will have to provide an email address on the form so you can be contacted if the registrar has any queries on your submission.

The Registrars endeavour to update their respective registers at least monthly, so it may be a short while before your input arrives at the online register. Note also that only one photo can be held for a car at any one time and we cannot associate a photograph with a car that does not have a chassis number.

There is also a guide to T Type chassis and engine number identification available.