MG Car Club Young Members Branch


Welcome To The MG Car Club Young Members Branch

The MG Car Club Young Members Branch is run by young people, for young people.

Established in 2018, the Young Members Branch caters specifically to all the MG needs of those aged 30 and under. The Branch offers a number of benefits to the younger MG enthusiast:

  • Organise fun events
  • Offer help and advice for all things MG
  • Run relaxed social media sites
  • Hold occasional competitions
  • Offer various discounts to Club members
  • Help to get more involved in the MG Car Club
  • Attractive stickers and accessories

Young MG enthusiasts are entitled to discounted full membership to the MG Car Club.

The following discounted pricing is available to young people:

  • 16-20 years – £15 per year – JOIN NOW
  • 21-24 years – £30 per year – JOIN NOW
  • 25-29 years – £40 per year – JOIN NOW

There are several benefits of joining the MG Car Club. Starting from just £15 a year, members can access:

  • Centres – groups of fellow MG enthusiasts in your geographical area
  • Registers – enthusiasts and expertise relevant to your model of MG, from old to new
  • The award winning monthly magazine, Safety Fast!, available online
  • Discounts on events, spare parts, insurance and much more
  • Exciting motorsport and exclusive trackdays
  • Travel and tours all over Europe