7/12/1943 – 20/4/2024

A gentle man, an ideas man, a team player.

Steve’s love of motoring started with rallying, his first rally car a Hillman Imp in the late ‘60’s/early ‘70’s.

Through his rallying contacts he got a job as Test Engineer with Glacier Bearings, where he met fellow employee Josh Sadler.  Together, with help from their respective wives Pauline and Sue, they went on to establish Autofarm Porsche Specialists in early 1973.

Whilst developing Autofarm as a business was very labour intensive, it did enable Steve to get back into rallying, this time with a competitive Porsche 911.  The Irish Tarmac rallies proved the most attractive route, and in the late ‘70’s Steve competed in several events in Ireland, with a couple of top ten finishes in the major Internationals.

In 1978 Steve met and later married Gina, with two sons, Dan and Ben, arriving in the early ‘80’s.  International rallying became a luxury too far, but Steve had already become interested in flying, obtaining his Private Pilot’s Licence some years earlier.  He acquired a single engine Piper Cherokee – a previous insurance write-off of course – and took to the air.  The Piper was soon traded in for a twin-engine Partenavia, which was hired out whenever possible to cover costs.  Steve also upgraded his PPL to a full Commercial Pilot’s licence with instrument rating, which enabled many continental ‘shopping trips’ in the ‘80’s for Porsche parts. He would also go on to achieve his full hot air balloon Pilot’s Licence.

In 1987 Autofarm moved premises from Amersham, to a new facility near Tring, a very labour intensive challenge which included taking on Saab and Suzuki franchises.  This provided Steve with another new challenge, as he took over the sales side of the growing business.  Sadly this didn’t last long, following a financial recession 1990 the original Autofarm would close in 1991, a difficult time.  Ever resourceful, Steve carried on with second-hand Porsche sales, operating from home, although in a very difficult market place.

In 2007 Steve became the MG Car Club’s Competition Secretary, responsible for the club’s motor racing activities, working with and alongside the MGCC race committee for just over seven years until his retirement in 2014. During his time he produced some great and memorable race meetings, not least the MGB50 at Silverstone as part of MGLive! 2012.

Sadly in 2014 Steve was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers, and slowly he drifted away from us. At the age of 80, on April 20 2024 he was released from a tragically difficult time and passed away in his sleep.

A Tribute to Mike Allison

Very sadly the MG Car Club have to report of the passing of Mike Allison on January 6 2024.

Joining the MG Car Club in 1959, Mike became active in Car Club activities in the early 1960’s, joining the South East Centre.

The first Register, as such, was really the Vintage, which was started in 1959, and which rejected Mike’s application for membership because his 1931 Magna was not “Vintage” in the definition of the VSCC. Mike met various members who had J’s and P’s, and agreed that between them they should have a Register of their own, but the Club could not agree to this, for a time. It wasn’t until 1961 that Mike cast a net for helpers in starting a Register for the pre-1936 OHC model MG cars, which became the Triple-M Register.

With Mike as Triple M Register Secretary, by the end of 1962 the Register had over 200 members.

Late in 1964 Mike went to work at Abingdon, initially helping General Secretary and Safety Fast! magazine editor Wilson Mc Comb, Mike also took on some of Wilson’s Club visits. The following year Mike was assigned to new responsibilities in Reg Jackson’s Inspection Department. His brief was to learn about exhaust emissions, and to set up a production test facility at Abingdon by mid-1967. This was duly done, and the following year Jackson retired, and his place taken by John Knight, who appointed Mike as Chief Quality Engineer, with a brief to act as intermediary with Engineering Department on all matters relating to Safety and Emission regulations, and to advise what needed to be done at Factory level on what must be done to meet these important requirements.… as well as all this Mike was still operating in Wilson’s MGCC orbit, such was the way things got done in the MG Car Company, and probably why it was so successful!

By 1968, there were three clubs based at Abingdon: the MGCC which had been there since 1930, the Austin Healey Club, since 1959, and the Mini-Seven Club since 1967. In the name of cost saving, the car clubs were the first item to be axed by a new Leyland hierarchy that took over in 1966, there would be no benefits received by car clubs.  The edict was such that it was supposed to take effect overnight.

A number of meetings were arranged in London, initially, and it was agreed by the Council members that a working party be set up to form a new MG Car Club. The working party consisted of Gordon Cobham as chairman, with Tom Hazlem as financial advisor, and Brian Morgans as secretary and legal advisor, with Syd Beer and Mike Allison forming the working quorum.

Gordon secured a two-year lease on offices in Abingdon, over the Westminster Bank, right in the middle of the town, and Mike was able to get the some furniture moved from the old Club office.

In 1969, thanks to Mike and the others the MG Car Club became an independent organisation to promote enthusiasm for MG cars, owned by its members, and limited by guarantee.

By 1973, Mike was transferred to Cowley to carry out similar duties on a company-wide (Austin-Morris and Jaguar) level, under Eric Lord. This did not last long, as following nationalisation of the motor industry by the then Labour Government, the whole department was transferred to Canley (via other stops) to work as an advisor to the whole of British Leyland. Mike resigned in 1976 on the day Michael Edwardes started his overhaul of British Leyland.

Mike bought a village garage, where his expertise in MG matters soon became recognised. After 12 years he sold the garage as a going concern, and moved on to become a rebuilder and adviser on matters relating to the pre-war MG models in particular. This business was finally wound up in 2004 when he retired.

Since 1962, Mike has been involved with running, racing and rebuilding the 1934 supercharged NA Magnette which had run in the 1934 Alpine Trial and 1935 Monte Carlo Rally. Mike held various positions within the Triple M Register, including Registrar and Chairman, such was the respect of Mike within the Register he was later made President.

As well as being a fount of all things MG, writing several well respected MG Books, Mike was a true ambassador of the MG Car Club, donating many things to it’s archive over the years, and penning many an historical article for Safety Fast!, which was always well received.

Mike’s humour and enthusiasm will be missed by all his friends worldwide, he was a real gentleman. The MG Car Club send their condolences to Anne, Jane, David, Charles and their families.

Mike Allison racing in the VSCC Silverstone 25th August 1964
Mike Allison and family Appleton Fair 15th June 1975 with David and Jane in the passenger seat.
Mike and his beloved wife Anne

A Fond Farewell to Brian Woodhams

The hardest farewell of all is the final one. To hear that we have lost Brian Woodhams is a heartbreak.

When he came to South Africa to work for Eskom Energy Company, he became a key player in helping me set up the 1986 Indaba, using the computer facilities available at the power station, where he was based. We could not have even started without that! Thanks to his wife Janine’s support, he involved the family in all manner of club activities, making friends and lifelong associations along the way.

The committee agreed, on hearing that the Woodhams were returning to England, that Brian be made an Honorary Life Member of the MG Car Club Johannesburg Centre, an honour of which he was extremely proud… and their new home in Duxford, quickly became a haven for all manner of South African MG members, made most welcome by Janine and Brian.

His enthusiasm ensured that his involvement in MG affaires, in not only England, but what I had referred to, as the MG Family Worldwide just grew, and he became not only the Africa Overseas Director, but would then travel to European, US and Australian events making even more friends abroad. He returned to Indabas in the Cape and Natal as an Honorary MGCC member to Bella-Bella with Janine, they then rode on the Blue Train with the Allisons to Cape Town and on to events in Port Elizabeth and East London. With a son in Cape Town, and good friend Roger Lewis as host they attended the last PE Indaba in the late Ralph Clarke’s MGB now under the care of Roger Lewis.

Always keen to hear of our ship stories, Brian took Janine cruising, first the Caribbean, then the Med before South America and finally a super trip via the Seychelles, Petra in Jordan through the Suez to Italy. They both loved life and MGs!

It is now to Janine that our love and prayers must go…and that those closer will ensure that the love and friendship Brian gave others will be given to Janine and family, now when they need it most!

Farewell my friend…you have been a good and faithful MG friend to all…we salute you!

Pat and Norman Ewing
National Chairman and President MGCC CSAC

Brian (middle) and Norman (right) presenting the Nuffield Trophy to KZN Indaba Chairman Chris Brown in 2018
Brian presenting The American Nuffield Cup to his good friend John Burrows from MGCC Toronto, 2018
Brian and his MGB GT enjoying an MGCC event

Danny Waters.

We are saddened to announce the death of Danny Waters after a long illness.

Danny had been an MGB Register committee member for many years looking after all things Technical, a role he cherished. Sadly he had to resign from the MGB Register Committee due to ill health, but always kept an interest in all things MG. Unfortunately his condition worsened seeing him admitted to a nursing home just under two years ago.

He was without doubt one on the most knowledgeable people in the country for MGBs gaining his knowledge working as a mechanic at a BMC/Leyland Dealership during their production years. He took the lead on the register’s technical day for many years and must have answered hundreds if not thousands of technical queries over the years. He also had amazing knowledge of other MG types and was a respected concours Judge. He was always there to help people and we can recall him helping many visitors at MG Live with car problems.

Danny addressing those attending the MGB Register Technical Day in 2007

Danny was well known in the club both in the UK and from overseas. We recall when he manned the register stand at MG Live, he was always in demand from friends from home and abroad. He attended many events over the years in his distinctive green LHD MGB and LHD MGF VVC, both were in concours condition and without doubt his pride and joy. The MGF was the Geneva Motor Show exhibit for its public debut. His other interests were Farm machinery and Model Railways a hobby he enjoyed with his young grandson.

Being involved with the club for so long he had a wealth of knowledge and anecdotes from the past and was always being there to support and lend a hand if needed all of which gained him much respect being awarded the club’s Marque of Friendship award in 2019.

He was a quiet family man and a good friend to many people. He has been missed from the MG scene, but has not been forgotten. He will be much missed by all his friends.

Our deepest condolences go to his family.

Neil Hyett

Danny Waters funeral is being held on November 17 at 2.00pm at the North Herts Crematorium, which is just north of Hitchin off of the A600.

Danny’s daughters have said that if anyone attending can arrive in a classic car, MG of course they would be very welcome.

Roger Cooper

We are saddened to announce the death of Roger Cooper after a short illness.

Roger had been President of the MGB Register since early 2021 which was felt a fitting honour, as he had worked tirelessly for the good of the MGB Register for many years.  He was a member of the original MGB Register committee when it was formed back in 1979 and held the position of Treasurer for many years.  He was very much a working President, still very active on the committee and planning next year’s Spring Run.

Roger was well known in the club and with his wife Joan attended many events over the years in his distinctive citron MGB GT which he had owned for well over 40 years.  Being involved with the club for so long meant that he had a wealth of knowledge and was able to give good advice, which gained him much respect.  He was a quiet man but had a good sense of humour and was always there to support and lend a hand if needed.

He will be much missed by all his friends in the MGB Register and wider MG Car Club.

Our deepest condolences go to Joan and family.

A full obituary will follow in Safety fast and the MGB Register e-Newsletter.

Tony Craddock

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Tony Craddock in South Africa on 20th February 2022. Tony was the National President of the Combined Centres of South Africa and a long-serving Chairman and Committee member of the Northern Centre based in Pretoria. Our thoughts go out to Annette and the family at this difficult time and indeed to the Northern Centre who have lost several key members in the last year or so. A  full Obituary will appear in April’s Safety Fast Magazine.

Brian Wright

Brian and more latterly Pam have been towers of strength over many years in MGCC motorsport activity. Brian related to Ron Gammons at various points with details of regularly marshalling for the Club late fifties and into the sixties on rallies on a Saturday night and to be present at a race meeting on the Sunday! This in the Gordan Cobban era when so many activities were run by SE Centre.

Brian as Chief Observer worked closely with the late Jim Goddard who was the race meeting Chief Clerk at the time, when he left Brian was encouraged to take his ticket and became Chief Clerk most probably around the early nineties through to the early noughties.

This was before the days of computerisation and everything was manually undertaken meaning immense workloads particularly at our major Silverstone weekend.

More recently, Brian was Chief Steward at MGCC Race Meetings and introduced Howard Gosling to the subtleties of being a Club Steward for which he was most grateful.

His great experience of Motor Sport as well as his sense of humour will be much missed and the Club expresses its sincere condolences to his widow Pam and family.

GUY MAATHUIS 1970-2021

Whenever Guy couldn’t be found at an MG meeting, one only had to search for an open bonnet, finding him hard at the repairs, that’s the type of man he was. If Guy couldn’t repair it, nobody could, and it was beyond repair. Whenever a light blinked on a dashboard or another problem occurred, he was the first to seek out. Thereby initiating a passion for cars and the Club among youngsters. For this reason, our Club is the largest in Luxembourg, counting some 250 members and the lowest average in terms of age in Europe.

I got to know Guy really well ten years ago. Following the wish to erect the Cercle Triple-M once again, I asked for his help. His reply, “join the MG Club’s committee and I’ll join the Triple-M Club’s.” A deal I couldn’t refuse, and from that time onwards we worked closely and organised many events for our members.

Working on cars with Guy was always a wonderful affair. To start off, his wife would ask if I wanted some coffee and I’d join her in the kitchen. We’d have a lengthy chat and I’d return to the garage. Guy, meticulously working on my car, would bark: “Are you here to work on the car or to chat.” Of course, he was right…

Though he was a hard taskmaster when it came to my repairing skills, he was overwhelmingly kind-hearted when I got married some nine
years ago. Three days before the date, he spontaneously asked me to join him on a Rallye. Of course, I said yes. My wife-to-be shared my delight…

When the Rallye was about to start, he told me I was sitting in the wrong spot. Instead, I should drive the rally in his MG ‘K3’, his stag party gift to me. Those are exactly the Guy-moments every one of us holds dear. One of Eric’s memories is his first fish and chips at a P&O ferry, which was an experience in itself. Guy led them all into the restaurant for lorry drivers on the ship. The food there was cheaper and better and only occasionally, they were thrown out, especially if they were dressed too cleanly and weren’t looking like lorry drivers. However, if they had previously repaired the MG on the quay and then showed their dirty trousers and black nails in the truck drivers’ restaurant, they never had a problem.

Every year, before the Stoneleigh event in February, they regularly had to share ten places at Guy’s favourite Indian restaurant with 20 people, because he invited all MG people he encountered that day.

The loss of Guy is tearing a big hole in our hearts in the classic car scene of Luxembourg, and even beyond our borders into the MG Car Club scene across Europe. At Guy’s funeral, thousands of people around the globe were thinking of him. The days following the tragic news delivered proof of this sentiment via the hundreds of emails and messages that have arrived.

Thank you for everything you did for the MGCCL and the CERCLE Triple-M. You can never be replaced.

Farewell, my friend. May you rest in peace. Goodbye Guy!

Bob Nosbusch and Eric Tanson

CHRIS TWIGGER 1959 – 2021

Chris Twigger was a devoted and passionate man, not only in business but equally with his loving family and numerous friends.

Chris was always drawn to his boyhood dreams of being involved in motorsport and he was approached due to his knowledge of Saab to be part of Erik Carlson’s Saab rally car team and in this endeavour Chris met and pitted beside one of his heroes, the late Colin McRae, as well as countless other rally icons.

As Chris successfully built up Redhill Garage over 40+ years he suffered a heart attack, which put his racing ambitions on hold, but one of Chris’s two daughters, Kayleigh, showed an interest in motorsport. Like any loving father would do, Chris encouraged Kayleigh! She went into his original ex-Dunlop Rover Tomcat and was soon lining up on the grid with the MG Cup. Chris being Chris couldn’t just watch, he wanted to be out there racing against/with his daughter!

So, he purchased another Tomcat so he could be “out there”. Chris successfully competed in four MG Cup races before unfortunately falling ill to motor neurone disease.

Chris was always a friendly, helpful man in the MG Cup pit area. He would help anyone and everyone and made many friends!

Unfortunately, Chris lost his short battle with the disease. Despite his valiant and brave efforts he sadly passed at home on March 10 2021 surrounded by his
loving family.

Chris leaves behind his amazing wife Gale, two equally amazing daughters Lisa and Kayleigh, his best friend and grandson Oby, a loving family and countless friends.

RIP Christopher Twigger 13/01/59 – 10/03/21

PETER BROWNING 1936 – 2021

A true gentleman of motor sport takes the chequered flag. Peter Browning, renowned for his organisation skills in motor sport – as competitions manager of BMC/British Leyland and executive director of the British Racing Sports Car Club – has died, aged 84.

A full obituary for Peter Browning has been published in the April issue of Safety Fast!.

CLICK HERE to head to the Members Area to read the April issue of Safety Fast!

Service order for Peter Browning

08 April 2021 at 13.00 hrs

St Johns – Oxford


Live Webcast
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The family has confirmed that there are no flowers and they have nominated Cancer Research as their choice of charity.

GEOFF EDWARDS 1950 – 2021

Our MG friend passed away on Wednesday February 3 at Salisbury Hospital.

Geoff joined the MGB Register Committee in 2012 during the planning for MGB50 at Blenheim Palace and immediately volunteered to join the organising committee. Geoff then took over the MGB Treasurer’s position in 2013, staying on the committee until 2019.

Being a true MG enthusiast and being interested in all things mechanical and electrical he was always happy working on his cars and giving tips to others.

Geoff’s pride and joy was his MGB GT which he owned since buying new in 1979. His fleet also included an MG ZTT 260 V8 which was used as his daily drive and a RV8 which officially is Carol’s MG.

A quiet man who enjoyed a laugh, was respected by all and when he wanted to make his point, we all listened! He was an excellent support to me as MGB Register Chairman. His profession was a quantity surveyor with John Laing and he spent some time in the Falklands after the 1982 war, rebuilding the bombed airport.

Geoff will be very much missed by us all.

Our deepest condolences go to Carol and family.

John Watson
Chairman MGB Register


On February 10 we heard the tragic news that Pepi had passed away due to Covid. Pepi was Chairman of the Northern Centre, based in Pretoria, South Africa. Pepi arrived on the MG scene in 1989 when he became custodian of an MGA, and initially joined the Johannesburg Centre.

He later transferred to the Northern Centre and has been on the Executive Committee of this forward-thinking and progressive Club which owns its own Clubhouse for many years, including as Chairman for the last three years. Pepi also became custodian of a blue P type in 1992 and became well known in Australia, USA, Europe, and the UK where he became the link to Andy Green and the Bloodhound land Speed Record project.

The Northern Centre helped with clearing the Hakskeen Pan record breaking track and the friendship with Andy grew. Pepi and his team organised a very successful Indaba in 2016 on which one of the visits was to Zonderwater cemetery and the former Italian POW camp. Here we met his family and he was obviously proud of his Italian heritage. Our condolences go to the family and the Northern Centre on this tragic loss.

Brian G Woodhams


On February 3 we also lost Jim who has been on the Executive of the Toronto Centre since 2009 as Webmaster and Editor of the Octagon – the MGCCT quarterly magazine. Jim owned an MGB and a white MGF, was 74 and had health complications but succumbed to Covid. He leaves Rosemarie, David, and Lisa, and will be sorely missed by MGCC Toronto.

Brian G Woodhams