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The popularity of the MG marque is well demonstrated by the vast numbers of enthusiasts that are are to be found in the far flung regions of the world.

The main club is represented by local centres in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China, Japan, South Africa, Europe and North America, supported by 35,000 members.

These Overseas Centres are managed by a small Overseas Sub Committee (OSC) with regional responsibilities, chaired by the Overseas Director Peter Cook.

For any Car Club members driving travelling in Europe, there is a ‘European Touring Handbook’ available to download from the Members Area.

Hakan Sigemark
+34 (0)9668 68642
Please CLICK HERE to visit the MGCC European website

Brian Woodhams
+44 (0)1354 741002
Please CLICK HERE to visit the MGCC African Centre website

North America
Brian Woodhams
+44 (0)1354 741002
Please CLICK HERE to visit the MGCC North American website

Rest of the World:
Peter Cook
+44 (0)1566 775991
Please CLICK HERE to visit the MGCC Rest of the World website

Kimber House:
Adam Sloman
+44 (0)1235 555552

If you have any questions relating to an Overseas Club or Centre, please contact the appropriate manager.