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Events Reports 2018

The T Register’s 2018 Events reports will appear here in reverse date order so the latest report will always appear at the top of the page.

T Register at MG Live

2-3 June 2018

T Types in the Register parking

A sea of T Types were present at MG Live and although the mornings were dull, by lunchtime it was sunny and warm – and no Silverstone wind! The T Register stand did an excellent trade in Regalia items and there was a constant stream of technical queries.

Saturday natter at the gazebo

The traditional T Register MG Live natter was much improved on last year as it reverted back to the paddock, accompanied by Jonathan Harmer’s TF racing car and by 4pm there was quite a crowd there.

The Candy Girls in Bill Silcock’s TD

Bill Silcock’s TD MkII was seen everywhere ferrying VIPs here and there and the rumour is that even the Candy Girls were seen in it …

Jonathan Harmer’s TF

You can see a full album of photos from the event on the T Register’s Facebook page, including faces at the Saturday natter in the new gazebo.
The T Type racing was marred by a bad accident to Stuart Dean’s Dick Jacob’s Special and the race was red flagged. Again there is a report and photos courtesy of Colin Murrell on our Facebook page.
You can click any of the photos above to get a larger view.

T Types to Flanders

14-18 May 2018

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Mark Blomfield writes on this event organised by Bill and Sally Silcock earlier in May –

This year’s T Register trip to foreign climes took us all to Flanders. The Hostellerie Saint-Louis in Bollezeele had plenty of parking for the 33 cars although some of the crews had to stay nearby. The food was good and the drink was better.

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The French are a bit funny over route books and so we all went our separate ways each day. Some to see the First War trenches a few to see the second war structures and others to the sea. We had no rain but the north wind did blow and many a hat was seen. The cars were generally well behaved, a sticking brake a leaking hub and a wayward condenser but all got back OK.

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The President regaled us with his latest ode and all vowed to be in the Champagne region next year.

You can see a full album of photos of the event on the T Register’s Facebook page. Many thanks to Mark Blomfield, David Jones, Ian Linton, John Morgan, Simon Pedrazzini, Bill Silcock and John Wigg for the photos.

T Register Rebuild 2018 at the British Car Museum, Gaydon

14 April 2018

Paul Ireland’s TC outside the event venue

The T Register’s Rebuild event was held at the British Motor Museum on 14 April – a bit later in the spring than usual.
The two main topics on the agenda were Barrie Jones giving us an update on what is available to keep T Type electrics going and what improvements are commercially available. The second was two sessions from Paul Ireland on the results from the Manchester XPAG tests on modern fuel in our T Types.

Barrie Jones speaking on electrics

Barrie Jones gave us a complete run down on what to look for in T Type electrics listing all the components, including the correct colour coding and the logic behind it of the wiring system. He also gave us a complete list of modern replacements for all the major electrical components.

An Australian visitor to Rebuild – Dave Godwin from MGCC Gold Coast

Paul Ireland in full flow

Paul Ireland gave us a highly technical explanation of what happens in our XPAG engines when modern, more volatile fuel is used, and what to do to minimise it’s side effects – especially that increasingly problematic issue of our engines refusing to start during hot weather.

And it seems that after all, the original distributor advance curve is not so bad after all!

You can see more photos of the event on the T Register’s Facebook Page.

T Register at the Stoneleigh MG and Triumph Spares Day

11 February 2018

The T Register stand at the show

The format of the MG and Triumph Spares Day was the same as last year, with half of the cowsheds being taken over by a third exhibition hall containing a very large number of club stands – the format including it being as cold as it normally is with some reporting snow outside during the day!
And as ever, the aficionados poured into the exhibition halls of the Stoneleigh Agricultural grounds to buy their spares to ensure things go smoothly for the coming season.

Barry Knight, Graham Walker and Eric Worpe discuss TC matters

Not quite so many T Types there as previous years, but there were two TCs, a TA Tickford and the supercharged green TD which is often seen in the south midlands area, on the Octagon Car Club stand.
George and Peter Edney had a joint presence, showing both a tuned XPAG engine complete with test stand and George’s own TF 1500 for sale. Brown and Gammons had a LHD TD for sale which they would convert to RHD at an extra price.

Deciding on T Register items for sale

Meanwhile one of the eye-catching items was an original MGA Twin Cam head complete with cam boxes for sale at … £3,500.
The T Register stand did a good trade in regalia items and in items for sale from our members – including a Shorrocks supercharger. There is an album of 26 photos from the show on our Facebook Page, and a video of the event below from the T Register’s YouTube Channel.