There are a number of different services offered by the MG Car Club to help you get the most out of your membership and keep your car on the road. Whilst we do not sell the parts to keep your MG on the road, we can supply the technical advice and point you in the right direction to keep your MG in tip top condition!

Cars for Sale

The cars for sale adverts that appear on this page are replicated from our club magazine SafetyFast! and is updated at the start of each month.

Parts for Sale/ Wanted

The parts for sale and wanted adverts that appear on this page are replicated from our club magazine SafetyFast! and is updated at the start of each month.

Buying an MG?

Our buying guides and checklists will help you get the car you want. Our advice helps you research MG models, check the vehicle history of advertised cars, make the initial call, check out a car for known areas of concern, negotiate a deal and buy safely. Visit the site here.

Selling an MG?

Our selling guides help you price your car, draft an advert and sell safely with advice on avoiding buying scams, cautions with test driving and advice on the safe payment options. A classified advert in the Club’s monthly magazine is a good place to sell your car. Visit the site here.

Technical Advice

It can help to talk to your model Register if the parts you need are hard to find or you are not sure about the quality of one available part versus another. The Club’s Registers and their contact details can be found here – www.mgcc.co.uk/registers

MG Car Club Trade Directory

The MG Car Club relies on a number of companies and individual traders to provide members with what they need in terms of spares or services whatever it is and wherever they live.

The companies and traders listed in the MG Car Club Trade Directory have all agreed to support the Club by providing a high quality service to members. In their advertisements and on their premises one will normally find the Trade Membership Logo proudly displayed.

Due to the fact that MGs have long been the world’s most popular sports cars, spare parts for most post-1945 models are usually not very difficult to find. However, quality and fit can be an issue sometimes. Meanwhile the quality of service can be variable where non-specialist garages are concerned and most of our members now choose an independent MG specialist for most service tasks they don’t feel able to tackle themselves.

The Club is keen to engage with and support these specialists who do so much to help our members keep their MGs on the road. The main way we do this is to publish and supply to all members annually a booklet called the MG Car Club Trade Directory which lists suppliers of parts and services around the UK and in continental Europe.

You can also find the Trade Directory online here. If you do decide to undertake service work yourself, the Club offers a selection of technical manuals by Haynes and other significant publishers in our online shop, here, which you will find very useful.