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Car Club of the Year 2022
The MG Car Club was recognised for its hardworking volunteers, new initiatives and great restorations

Amazing value
Start saving right away with our discounts, and your membership can pay for itself

Expert Knowledge
Each model of MG has its own register providing a wide range of benefits and specialist knowledge

Local centres
Your local centre is your hub for all things MG. Meet up with other local members at events and social gatherings throughout the year

Safety Fast!
Safety Fast! is our award winning magazine – read a sample issue

July 2023

The MG Car Club was founded in Abingdon in 1930 and has been providing top quality support for generations of MG owners

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MG Affinity Scheme

MG Car Club members can now enjoy fantastic savings across MG’s award winning range of cars

Save 40%

Silverstone Interactive Museum is an immersive half day journey through the past, present and future of British motor racing and the historic racing circuit

Save 10%

Opie Oils sell oils and car products for all makes of vehicle and MG Car Club members can save online

Save 20% on flowers

MG Car Club members can get 20% off any flowers at Blooming Gifts

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