Membership Benefits

Make the most of your membership!

There are many benefits to becoming a member of the MG Car Club. From access to a community of like-minded MG enthusiasts to discounts; there is lots on offer!

Here are our highlighted benefits:


Based on your location you are allocated a Centre. Your Centre is your local hub for all things MG. They organise events and social gatherings throughout the course of the year. Each Centre also has its own newsletter and website enabling you to stay up to date.


You are also welcomed to our Registers, this relates to your particular model of MG. Each Register provides a wide range of benefits and specialist knowledge. Just like our Centres, the Registers organise their own events and activities, they also have their own newsletter and website.

Kimber House

The Club Head Office is sited on the edge of what was once the headquarters of the MG Car Company. Here the day to day operations and management of the Club’s affairs is provided by our staff. You can visit our Club Head Office to experience the rich history of MG and the Club.


The MG Car Club was founded in 1930 by the MG factory in Abingdon and has been providing top quality support for generations of MG owners ever since. Today, the Club is World Heritage Partner to SAIC, MG’s parent company working with MG and owners all around the Globe.

Abingdon Experience

We also encourage you to explore Abingdon and the numerous MG sites around the Club Head Office. There are eleven in total, including Kimber House itself. There are also four test routes around Abingdon you can drive in your very own MG.

Safety Fast!

This is where our Club magazine is created each month before landing on your doorstep. Safety Fast! features MG news, technical features and updates from local Centres, Registers and the Club keeping you up to date with what is happening across the entire Club!

MGCC Club Shop

MGCC Club Shop

Here at the MG Car Club, we do merchandise differently. We source stock from local craftspeople and small suppliers, most of our items are produced in limited runs. You will find a brilliant range of merchandise, we’re positive you’ll find the perfect gift, whether that’s for yourself, a friend or even your MG!

Member Discounts

There is a range of discounts you can enjoy while being a member of the MG Car Club. Including discounts on car insurance with Cherished Vehicle Insurance. You’ll be able to take advantage of a number of features. This is in addition to parts, events, car tours and so much more!

Club Motorsport

We are one of the only Clubs to organise our own race meetings, and we have racing at some of the best Circuits in the UK. We also have Autosolos, Autotests, Sprint Championships, Hill Climbing and Trials running all year round. So whatever your experience, or favourite racing we’ve got something for you.

MGs on Track

Track Days

Our Track day arm, MGs on Track, organise track days up and down the UK. The philosophy is simple – to organise fun, sociable track days where MG enthusiasts can enjoy their cars in safety, with fellow enthusiasts and at the best possible price. Our events are non-competitive and there is no need to modify your car.

Scenic Car Tours

Scenic Car Tours

The MG Car Club has partnered up with Scenic Car Tours, who have now become the Club’s ‘Preferred Tour Operator’. We have created exclusive members tours to places such as Belgium, Italy and Jersey as well as various events. Their dedicated team is committed to offering a professional personal service at value for money prices.

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