How to become a member of the T Register

Confused about the MG Car Club and T Register membership?

This is probably because the T Register maintains a Register of CARS and we are also a Register (of MEMBERS owning or aspiring to own T-Types) within the MG Car Club.

The Register of Cars (‘The Register’) is a record of all T Types known to us. It is probably the most comprehensive Register of T Types in the world and lists known cars (not all of which are necessarily surviving), which adds up to around 25% from a total production of circa 50,000. Each car is issued with a ‘T’ Register number and this number stays with the car throughout its life, irrespective of changes of owner.

The inclusion of a car on ‘The Register’ does not confer membership rights of the T Register. To become a member of the T Register one must own or aspire to own a T-Type and join the MG Car Club.

To join the MGCC follow this link: http://www.mgcc.co.uk/joinrenew/join-now/

Membership of the MGCC entitles you to join in the T Register’s events and to avail yourself of technical advice from the Register’s Technical Specialists.

Non members can, in certain circumstances, participate in events, but only where demand from members has first been met and then on payment of a premium over and above the members’ entrance fee.