T Register 2022 Event Reports

Reports on the T Register’s 2022 activities, ordered by latest activity first.

Spring Tour to Flanders 2022 – a Gourmet Experience

The 2022 Spring Tour organised by Bill and Sally Silcock prompted one participant to write the following report – just so you know what delights await on these events.
So many thanks to Carol Owen who sent this report, and you can see an album of photos further down the page.

Perhaps with a little trepidation ferries or trains were booked, passports checked and the NHS website perused to obtain the Covid pass. Passport control at Dover was fine and no one actually wanted to see the Covid pass.
We arrived in bright sunshine at the Hostellerie Saint Louis in Bollezeele and there to welcome us were the members of the group, sitting on the terrace, glasses in hand. This set the tone for the rest of the event. It doesn’t take long to accept as normal the canapes with the pre-dinner drinks, the amuse-bouches to start and then three gourmet courses of our own choosing – nobody left the table hungry!
So, apart from eating, what did we do in Flanders? These trips have no set agenda with the result that couples go off on their own, or form a loose alliance with others for a particular visit. The Tuesday was beautiful (26°C) and many chose to do the longer run to Montreuil sur Mer, suggested by Sally and Bill. The run down the Vallée de la Course is beautiful in May. Some did the whole route whilst others who had dawdled too long at windmills and lunch cut it short – you could not be late back for dinner!
For others the aim was to see the sea. The first attempt was abandoned, but they became very familiar with high-rise flats with a sea view. The second attempt was more successful, but it was high tide so the beach area was minimal and packed with scantily clad bodies – it was after all 27°C.
And then there is the conversation. Where else could topics encompass life and politics in Venezuela, TT races in the Isle of Man, the merits of Trappist beers especially Westvleteren 12, and the romantic wanderings of a ginger tom within and between the Swiss valleys.
Finally, on behalf of all of us, we would like to thank Sally and Bill for organising this trip; their efforts are greatly appreciated.

Rebuild 2022

Rebuild was held for the first time since 2019 in April of this year at its now traditional venue of the British Motor Museum and we had 54 attendees.
The presentations by Paul Ireland on brakes, Eric Worpe on the XPAG rear oil seal, and Peter Jury on LED lighting conversions, dynamo and regulator upgrades all went well, and Alan Crook’s scale model of a TD created a lot of interest, partly because of its scale – it was small but very detailed.
The TC featured belongs to Paul Ireland.
There were plenty of items on the bring and buy stall but unfortunately not too much buying – perhaps all our T Types have been fettled to the nth degree over the last two years 😱.
So it looks like we’re back in the swim of things with a more normal programme of events for the rest of the year.