T Type Factory Production Records

This is the new version of the T Register’s searchable online database of the MG Factory Records for all T Types, and is searchable both for chassis number and engine number. The search return will give you the production record data held for your car, with its original engine number and the date it rolled off the production line. Note that the date format is as used by the factory and in the UK, and is the format of Day/Month/Year.

It now also has a T Register Notes field which gives you any additional information entered by the factory next to the chassis number such as engine changes, and any other alterations originally made to the record. The Notes field also includes information entered by the T Register of cars of historic interest, and to point to anomalies in the records.

The records are a digital copy of the original paper factory records, and have not been amended in the light of subsequent information, although some pointers are given in the T Register Notes field as outlined above.

A point to note is the inconsistency shown in the paper factory records for three figure chassis numbering. For TAs, TBs, TCs and TDs three figure chassis numbers are preceded by a zero (thus TA0254, TD0678). For TFs they are not (thus TF678), except for the first two prototype TFs which were numbered TF0250 and TF0251. The digitised records follow the paper records. But see the instructions for searching below where we have made searching easier.

Note that the records show the Production Car No as well as the Chassis No, and the T Register recommends that the former is used for UK DVLA purposes, rather than the Chassis No, to identify the car when updating Registration. If there is a discrepancy between the numbers in the Production Car No and the Chassis no, use the Chassis No instead.

Decoding chassis and engine notations

If you wish to know more about deciphering the codes used in the Production Car notation and Engine number notation, see the T Type chassis and engine identification web page on this site.

Searching instructions

If searching by chassis number, be sure to enter the letter prefix (such as TC, TD or TD/C) followed by the number. Do not put a space in between. For three figure chassis numbers you can enter either a leading zero or not and the search will return the correct chassis, so you don’t have to remember the difference between TABCD and TF chassis numbering.
Examples of the correct format: TC0508, TC508, TF0648, TF648, TD25509, TD/C22580.
If searching by original engine number, for TA/TB/TC be sure to enter the MPJG or XPAG prefix followed by the number with a space in between.
Example of the correct format: XPAG 9211
For TD/TF there are no spaces but there are forward slashes between the engine number components.
Example of the correct format: XPAG/TD2/23015
For TDs only, if the TD is LHD, the engine number is prefixed by LHX.
Example of the correct format: XPAG/TD/LHX4950