T Register


T Type Factory Production Records

The T Register has a searchable online database of the MG Factory Records for all T Types. The search return will give you the production record data held for your car, with its original engine number and the date it rolled off the production line.
Note that the records show the Production Car No as well as the Chassis No, and the T Register recommends that the former is used, rather than the Chassis No, for UK DVLA purposes to identify the car when updating Registration. If there is a discrepancy between the numbers in the Production Car No and the Chassis no, use the Chassis No instead.
Be sure to enter the letter prefix (such as TC) followed by the number. Do not put a space in between.
Example of correct format: TC0750.
This information is repeated on the search page.
The MG Factory Production Records are available for searching by clicking the image below.