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Ian Linton’s Arnott supercharged TA

There is lots of information on chassis and engine numbers identification as a sub section on our Register of T Types page. This includes Roger Wilson’s article on changes in XPAG and XPEG head and block castings and referenced to their casting numbers.
And we also have the first real piece of evidence of how to decode the XPAG/XPEG casting date code found near the dipstick and this includes a discussion of the original Austin-Morris standards document.


Engines for MGs – Neil Cairns’ excellent history which includes lots of information about the XPAG/XPEG engine.

Complete engine tune up Pt1 – Chicagoland MG Club

Complete engine tune up Pt2 (includes tuning the carburettors) – Chicagoland MG Club

Cooling the XPAG/XPEG engine – Chicagoland MG Club

How to stop oil leaks without resorting to a modern lip seal – Chicagoland MG Club