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WELCOME to the MG Car Club Devon & Cornwall Centre

(Updated 25th November, 2014)

A note from Peter Cook, D&C Centre Centre Chairman (24th April, 2014)

Hello MG Car Club members,

This is to wish you and your motors well, and to remind you of some of the events which have been organised by members of the Committee.

The first is ‘Drive It’ day, this Sunday 27th April. For some this may be the first drive after the winter lay-up. It doesn’t really matter which marque, group, or natter you join so long as classic cars are shown on public roads. Primarily the objective is to remind those in power that classic car owners are an active constituency.

Janner Week is being held in North Devon between 24th to the 31st May. Please see the ‘Events’ section for details of each day’s activities. Day visitors are as welcome as those who choose to stay overnight. We have a special event on 26th May to both commemorate the late Pete Moores, and to raise further funds for the commemorative spectator seat which the MGCC is donating to Callington Cricket Club. Again, more detail is to be found under ‘Events.’

The third activity – the ACE Run will be on Sunday 15th June. The run will start at Okehampton railway station from 10 a.m. and will finish near Padstow for a cream tea. The run will be for roughly 80-90 miles and is loosely based upon long defunct railway routes running through Devon and North Cornwall.  Application forms can be downloaded from this site.

If any of you have any issues or observations which you feel ought to be brought to the Committee’s attention by all means contact me, or others on the committee.

Best regards to all members,
Peter Cook,
Devon & Cornwall Centre Chairman.


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