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WELCOME to the MG Car Club Devon & Cornwall Centre

(Updated 12th April, 2016)

A note from Peter Cook, D&C Centre Centre Chairman (28th January, 2015)

Dear fellow members,

Welcome to the 91st year of the MG marque. It is around this time of year that many of you will totting up the jobs that need doing before your car can be put back on the road after the winter lay-up. Although I take it out less in the winter – especially when salt has been sprayed – my ‘BGT’ has to be available all year round. This is because my other car (of Northern European manufacture) is often less reliable than the Abingdon product about to enter its fifth decade! Many of the pundits at the time said British Leyland cars were rubbish, but they had yet to experience the modern age when the car stops in the middle of nowhere and in poor weather simply because the on-board computer says “No”.

We have a number of events lined up which all are invited to. The AGM is at the Eagle House Hotel in Launceston on 7th February. There is an agenda to get through of course, but after that there is a free buffet, bar (sorry, not free), and a bit of a social. After the AGM we have the Annual Dinner at the Durrant House Hotel, Bideford on the 21st February. I would like to see a little more support for this as the feeling of some is that perhaps the days of the Annual Dinner are drawing to a close. The meal costs £26 per person – further information on menu etc. from Vic Share (contact details under Committee).

The next major driving event is ‘Drive It Day’ on the 26th April. This is a UK-wide event and as such it is important for all classic car owners to appear on the roads that day – if only because we want to protect the rolling 40 year old VED exemption. It is helpful if we are informed by those who plan to turn up so that we have some idea of numbers. In part this is so that we can start off in groups so as to avoid upsetting local populations with a long convoy. There are two other important events for the area – Janner Week and the ACE Run for both more details will be placed nearer the times.

A sports car should look fast, even when it is standing still” – Cecil Kimber.

Happy motoring, Peter Cook.





Cecil Kimber 1888 – 1945

A sports car should look fast, even when it is standing still