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WELCOME to the MG Car Club Devon & Cornwall Centre

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Updated 5th March, 2018

A note from Wendy Keeling, elected Devon and Cornwall Chair of Committee 2016.

Dear fellow members.

You are reading this because you are a member of the MGCC in Devon and Cornwall or are planning to visit this glorious region; hopefully with your MG. We are blessed to still have the roads and byways that hark back to the era of our present classic cars. Yet, we have the opportunity for enjoyment in our environment, for all MG types.

The Centre caters for all types of MG in its events calendar. These can be viewed on this website and our quarterly newsletter. Both are splendid examples of the enthusiasm of members. There is a need for the nature of the events to change with the times and the Committee has had a stock take of events and is evolving new where necessary. Times change; this does not mean the popular events such as the ACE Run and Cornish Riviera Run will disappear but new events to cater for different types of car and member.

Natters are important in our Centre because for some members that is there only contact with MG life in the region. Again these are evolving to cater for choice and those not on the Committee but working hard in these Natters need to be congratulated.

However, any member can run an event and we would like to encourage that. Therefore any member who has an idea for an event or wants to run an event no matter how small, we would like them to talk it over with Natter Leaders or even come to a Committee Meeting. Venues are available on the website; meetings happen alternate months. Agenda items need to go to our Secretary – Bob Slatter.

The MG Car Club is the “Marque of Friendship” and that is its strength but let’s get out there and enjoy our motoring in Devon and Cornwall (but don’t forget your raincoat).





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