Join the MG Car Club Today

Joining the MG Car Club is straightforward. There is no joining fee, simply a modest annual subscription. Alternatively, we also offer a monthly subscription plan.

You don’t even need to own an MG to become a member of the Club. If you’re looking to purchase an MG, there’s no better place to start than with a membership.

For the first time a digital only membership is being offered including online editions of Safety Fast! as an alternative to being sent a paper magazine. This means that those who opt for a digital membership will be able to access Safety Fast! in the Members’ area of our website. Those who opt for a paper copy will have it sent as usual. Both forms of membership are the same with all the rights and advantages which are currently offered to all our members.

For those living in Europe we offer for the first time the opportunity to pay in Euros – for both versions. This should lead to low or zero transaction charges which you will continue to incur should you use credit cards.

If there are any queries relating to this initiative please contact Peter Cook on – peter.cook@mgcc.co.uk


Digital Single


1 year digital membership

£50 Direct Debit Rate
£55 Standard Rate

Digital Joint


1 year joint digital membership

£54 Direct Debit Rate
£59 Standard Rate

Printed Single


1 year single membership

£55 Direct Debit Rate
£60 Standard Rate

Printed Joint


1 year joint membership

£60 Direct Debit Rate
£65 Standard Rate

Digital Subscription Plan


1 year digital membership, paid monthly

Pay £10 today, then 10 monthly payments of £5

Young Members 16-20


1 year digital membership

Young Members 21-24


1 year digital membership

Young Members 25-29


1 year digital membership


European Digital Membership

1 year digital membership


Single: 58.70 EUR Standard Rate
Joint: 63.13 EUR Standard Rate

European Standard Membership

1 year standard membership


Single: 98 EUR Standard Rate
Joint: 104 EUR Standard Rate

Rest of the world (ROW)

International Single Digital


1 year digital membership

International Single Printed


1 year overseas membership

International Joint Digital


1 year digital membership

International Joint Printed


1 year overseas membership

Or you can telephone the Club Head Office in Abingdon on 01235 555552 and join in a matter of minutes.