Register of T Types known to the T Register

This is the T Register’s new online records system of known T Types. Use the search boxes below to search for T Types known to the T Register. You can search either by Chassis number or Licence number, but please be aware that not all owners supply complete information about their car and we can only show cars for which we have a record of either of these.

The chassis numbering in the Register of T Types known to the T Register follows the factory records in that for TAs, TBs, TCs and TDs three figure chassis numbers are preceded by a zero (thus TA0254, TD0678) and for TFs they are not (thus TF678), except for the first two prototype TFs which were numbered TF0250 and TF0251. But see the instructions for searching below where we have made searching easier.

Searching instructions

If searching by chassis number, be sure to enter the letter prefix (such as TC, TD or TD/C) followed by the number. Do not put a space in between. For three figure chassis numbers you can enter either a leading zero or not and the search will return the correct chassis, so you don’t have to remember the difference between TABCD and TF chassis numbering.
Examples of the correct format: TC0508, TC508, TF0648, TF648, TD25509, TD/C22580.

For a Licence Number, please use the format of the country where the car is known to reside.

Clicking ‘View Production Record’ after a found search will take you directly to the Factory Record for the car and there is a text button there to bring you back to the Known T Type record.

If you wish to add a car to the Known T Types records or update a record, or add or replace a photo for a record, please use the form available when contacting the relevant Registrar –

Number of T Types recorded

Note these figures are for the number of T types we have records for, not necessarily the numbers that still exist.
TA 1976
TB 293
TC 6503
TD 5009
TF 3405
Total 17186