T Register 2021 Events Reports

Here are all the reports of the T Register’s 2020 Events. They appear in reverse date order so the latest report is at the top of the page.

27 February 2021

A Virtual Rebuild – test seminar no 1 on Brakes

This test seminar was held on Saturday 27 February and had 17 participants.

It was our first foray into online seminars and by the feedback we had from the participants it was a great success. As one put it, ‘it was great to talk to car people again’.

The presenter was Paul Plummer speaking on the subject of A Practical Experience of Fixing the Braking System. The intention was not to give a wholesale new exposé on the subject of brakes (the presentation was geared towards beginners, not experts), but to work out the logistics of running such an event online, including Q&As from the audience.

However many expressed the view that the level of the pitch of the subject was just right. And we learnt that we needed to put more effort into managing the Q&A session.
All-in-all, a successful first foray.