Form for sending foundry casting marks

This is the form for sending the foundry casting marks to the T Register to help us determine the date when XPAG block casting moved from Morris Motors Engine Branch at Coventry to the Wellingborough Iron Foundry.

Chassis number

Please use the chassis number stamped on the left front dumb iron under the wing if possible.

Engine number

Please use the number on the engine brass number plate, or better still if you can see it, stamped into the block just above the engine brass number plate.

Block casting number

This is on the LH side of the block at the front behind the dynamo up against the tappet chest cover. Have a look at the block casting guide to find out what you think it should be.

Casting date code

This is behind the dipstick and is difficult to see. It should be in the form of one or two numbers, followed by a capital letter, followed by a single number – eg 21E2. In this instance the code translates as 21 May 1952. Sometimes there are additional numbers prefixing the day code: ignore these.

Foundry casting mark

This is usually the most difficult to see and often appears missing. It is at the front bottom of the block below the dynamo. Foundry casting marks are usually in the form of a diamond with the foundry initial in the middle. In our case, the marks are MM in a diamond for Morris Motors, and W in a diamond for Wellingborough Iron Foundry. We think the change over occurred sometime in the summer of 1952.
The two photos on the right show you what to look for.

You can read more about casting marks in articles on the T Register website.

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  • Chassis numberEngine numberBlock casting numberCasting date code
    Please use the chassis number on the front left dumb iron if possible. Block casting number can be seen behind the dynamo up against the tappet chest cover. It should be 24445. Casting date code is behind the dipstick in the form of eg 21E2.
    Usually very difficult to see but is at bottom of block behind dynamo.
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