The new online Factory Records system goes live

Update 9 October 2020

The new Factory Records system is now live and has replaced the older system which was kept on the old tregister.org website.
The address for searching the new system is

We have also uploaded a revised set of data of the records. The original set of data dates back over 20 years or so when the original paper records were first digitised. Transcribing over 50,000 records meant that inevitably some errors occurred. All the TD records – the bulk of the records – have been gone thought again and errors where found have been corrected.

The policy followed has been to replicate the paper records, not to correct them where mistakes were made in recording in the factory. However this latter has been taken care of by introducing more copious notes in the digital records to mark where inconsistencies may occur. You can see this at work from the screenshot on the right where the owner has queried the original engine number.

The original intention was to have completed the scrutiny of the paper records for TA, TB, TC and TF cars as well, but unfortunately the pandemic has put a stop to visits to Kimber House where the paper records are held. And there are still some queries about the TD records which need checking again; nevertheless we thought it worth uploading the corrected records rather than sticking with the old. More updates to the factory records will have to wait until it’s safe to visit Kimber House …