T Register at the Kop Hill Climb

Saturday and Sunday 24 – 25 September 2022

The T Register has registered to attend the Kop Hill Climb on both Saturday 24 September 2022 and Sunday 25 September 2022. We will have a dedicated parking space in the paddock with enough room to show up to 10 cars. We will have our T Register sail flags there and the T Register gazebo.

It is probable that the racing T Type of Charles Harmer will be invited to participate in the hill climb and the organisers have shown a interest in having more T Types participating as well. Places for going up the hill are usually very oversubscribed, so we would like as many T Register members as possible to apply for them to put on a good show for the T Register.

We would like to know how many T Register members would like to either bring their car to the dedicated T Register parking area, or who intend to apply to go up the hill, so we can relay this information back to the organisers. Jonathan Harmer has established quite a rapport with them. So below there is a simple form to complete to give us this information and it would be great if you completed it.

Of course you can just attend the event either with your T Type or other car, but they will not be parked in the paddock but in the general car park for the event. If you do, don’t forget to call in at the T Register gazebo!


The ticket price for going up the hill is
£55 on one day (including one passenger)
£75 on both days (including one passenger)

The ticket price for parking in the paddock with the T Register is
£25 and includes one passenger)

The normal early bird spectator ticket price is £10 per person per day

Note that this form is for the T Register information only.
There are links below the form to register for the Kop Hill event.

Kop Hill Registration 2022

Choose if you'd like to park in the paddock, or register for the hill climb to just attend as a spectator(Required)
Note that if you register for participating in the hill climb you will still be parked in the paddock, but not in the T Register area
Which day(s) are you likely to attend?(Required)
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Links to register for Kop Hill

If you wish to either park with the T Register in the paddock, or register for the hill climb, you must first register yourself and your car with the Kop Hill website

Then for parking in the paddock follow the instructions and links

For registering for the hill climb, follow the links and instructions

Note that bookings for both of these open on 4 April and get booked up very quickly.