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Events Reports 2018

The T Register’s 2018 Events reports will appear here in reverse date order so the latest report will always appear at the top of the page.

T Register at the Stoneleigh MG and Triumph Spares Day

19 February 2017

The T Register stand at the show

The format of the MG and Triumph Spares Day was the same as last year, with half of the cowsheds being taken over by a third exhibition hall containing a very large number of club stands – the format including it being as cold as it normally is with some reporting snow outside during the day!
And as ever, the aficionados poured into the exhibition halls of the Stoneleigh Agricultural grounds to buy their spares to ensure things go smoothly for the coming season.

Barry Knight, Graham Walker and Eric Worpe discuss TC matters

Not quite so many T Types there as previous years, but there were two TCs, a TA Tickford and the supercharged green TD which is often seen in the south midlands area, on the Octagon Car Club stand.
George and Peter Edney had a joint presence, showing both a tuned XPAG engine complete with test stand and George’s own TF 1500 for sale. Brown and Gammons had a LHD TD for sale which they would convert to RHD at an extra price.

Deciding on T Register items for sale

Meanwhile one of the eye-catching items was an original MGA Twin Cam head complete with cam boxes for sale at … £3,500.
The T Register stand did a good trade in regalia items and in items for sale from our members – including a Shorrocks supercharger. There is an album of 26 photos from the show on our Facebook Page, and a video of the event below from the T Register’s YouTube Channel.