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T Register News magazine

The T Register publishes a news magazine 4 times a year full of information publicising upcoming events and reporting on past ones, as well as technical hints, stories of members’ cars, and general fun, (well, more like trials and tribulations!), of owning a T Type.

The magazine is issued every quarter i.e. January, April, July, and October. It is a downloadable pdf file, although you can get printed copy on the payment of a small subscription fee if you prefer. The printed subscription rate is £12 for a calendar year and includes P&P. Those subscribing part-way through the year will also receive all back copies for that year. Subscriptions received after the October issue in a year will be taken as being for the following year.

All back issues of T Register News and its TTT predecessor are still available for download free of charge or you can purchase the CD with the complete set for £6 via the Regalia pages.

Contact for printed copies of T Register News

Links to issues of the magazine are on the left by year. The archive of its TTT predecessor is also available and can also be searched online.