2012 Autumn Leaves Run

2012 Autumn Leaves Run – 14th October

On a beautiful sunny autumn morning, 30 cars gathered at the iconic Angel of The North for our final road run of the year. Organised by Chairman Peter Ebdon and his wife Lyn, we gathered our route information after signing on and paying our £2.00 fee, and set off on a lovely run of some 42 miles.

As ever, we went through places we’d heard of but never seen and through places we’d never even heard of, on roads that were certainly designed to test gearboxes, clutches and brakes, not to mention the Navigator!

We arrived at The Highlander Inn near Belsay where the marshals strategically placed some cars at the front for viewing as people went by and the rest were parked at the rear, from where we all went in to enjoy a splendid Sunday lunch. David Hughes was the lucky winner of the prize draw and John Adamson with daughter Erica Ware scooped the generous donation of wine from the pub.

This was another super day provided by Peter and Lyn to whom we say ‘Thank you’. Peter and Lyn would also like to thank the marshals who helped everyone get safely away from the crowded public car park at The Angel as well as to daughter Helen and son-in-law Mark who took over at The Highlander for parking duties; all in all, a jolly good team effort.

… and so to eat we went:

While everyone else got on having fun and making a noise, Peter and Lyn’s grandson Alexander Lewis caught up on his beauty sleep. He doesn’t know it yet but his gripewater is being subsituted with Redex to ensure he develops a proper sense of MG-mania.