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Spring 2018 Newsletter – Download Now!

The latest newsletter from the Zed Register is now available to download  – ZED Register Spring Bulletin

February 2018 – Newsletter

Our first event of the new year will be over when you read these notes. It’s good see all our planning reach fruition. Having been the traditional season opener for us for
many years it’s good to return to Stoneleigh for the MG & Triumph Spares Day after a gap of three years. It had become noticeable in the last few years that more and more Zed groups and
forums were present at this show. We return with a bang and will have three Zeds on our stand which have never been on display before – to promote the car club and ourselves.
Plans also continue on the arrangements for the Practical Classics Restoration & Classic Car show in March. Our stand will include three Zeds, two of which have received a huge amount of
renovation and TLC to return them to prime condition. But I won’t say what they are or who owns them! You will just have to come and find out. We will be located in Hall 5 on stand 535
right next to the main club stand. Work continues apace on the arrangements for our ‘MGs in the City’ event in May. We are currently in negotiations with the Coventry Motor Museum and in
the process of booking Millennium Place. Once the details have been finalised we will begin promoting this event properly. Moving in to April we will also be booking space at Pride of Longbridge when the online form becomes available. The space requirement and vehiclenumbers will be discussed and confirmed with the organisers. If you are interested in attending
please let us know so we have an idea of numbers. This year marks the 15 th Anniversary of the launch of the MG ZT 260 and we will be featuring
this event throughout the year, culminating with a display of V8s at MG Saloon Day in July. Further details will follow in due course. Before then however we would ideally like to have a
V8 as one of our three Zeds on display at the NEC in March. If you would be willing to have your ZT 260 on show please either let myself or a member of the committee know. Thank you in advance.

Winter 2018 Newsletter – Download Available!

Our Registrar, Paul Money has kindly drafted a superb newsletter giving the latest information on the Register for Winter 2018. Includes details about upcoming events, including the Restoration Show at the NEC in March! Click on the link below!

ZED Register Winter 2018 Newsletter –

January 2018 – Newsletter

Happy New Year! Here we are again at the start of another busy year. Please find included our events calendar for the coming year. These dates are correct at the time of writing but any alterations will be published in future updates and on our Facebook group/website. Having been absent for the last couple of years, we start 2018 by heading back to Stoneleigh on 11th February for the MG & Triumph Spares Day. We won’t be at Brooklands this year for their MG Era Day. However, we will be returning for a second year to the NEC over the weekend of 23-25th March for the Classic Car & Restoration Show. The 2018 Racing Championships begin the following month with Silverstone hosting the first round on 7th April. We will be present at all the race meetings again this coming year – organising the lunchtime parade laps. The Pride of Longbridge event held in Cofton Park on 14th April completes a very busy month. Having tried some new things last year, and we wanted to push the boundaries a little further this year. Our ‘MGs in the Weald’ was a very popular day out, so this year we are having ‘MGs in the City’ at the Coventry Motor Museum in May. Our arrangements with the CMM are still being finalised but it should shape up to be another great family day out – watch this space. Later the same month we will be joining the Sussex Austin Rover & MG Owners Club for their road run. We are having an Open Day at Kimber House on 24th June, and heading north on 19th August to the Lakeland Motor Museum. We are also pleased to announce that MG Saloon Day will returning for 2018. Arrangements are still being discussed for this event but you will be notified of the details in due course. We will also be returning to Lancing on 14th October for their Motor Show. The year concludes with the Classic Motor Show at the NEC in November. Phew, I think that’s the highlights! Time to get those diaries!



December 2017 – Special Feature

Our Secretary Ray Kemble has written an amusing and interesting insight into his ZED entitled “The Loch Ness Monster Revealed- Part 1”

For many years now, people have been subjected to incongruous sight of the Secretary of the ZR/ZS/ZT Register tuning up to events in a white MG TF. There were rumours floating around that he did own a ZS, but no one had ever actually seen it and its existence was put in the same category as the Loch Ness Monster and flying saucers. Now measures are afoot to reveal this mythical creature in all its glory.

The reason for this is that my 5-door ZS 180 in trophy blue was subject to a number of unfortunate events. First I managed to damage the rear spoiler and tailgate backing into a sign post on a dark wet night in a Heathrow car park. Then. one night returning home I was negotiating a flooded road when I was hit by the bow wave of a truck going in the opposite direction. When I got home there was a knocking sound coming from the engine. Next day I tried to investigate the problem only to find that the cable had come adrift from one of the bonnet locks and the bonnet could not be opened. So the car was put in the garage and my old well used MGF pressed back into service out of semi-retirement. It became one of those things that one day you’ll get around to and the ZS languished in the garage for nearly 10 years. During this time the MGF gave up the ghost and I had to spend the money that would have paid for getting the ZS back on the road on a new TF LE500. The battery went flat and a couple of attempts made to get the bonnet open but there were always more pressing things to do. And so the ZS passed into its mythical status.

Getting the ZS which now resembled a barn find back into service became a project that I decided I would get around to one day. This year at MGLive! the resolve to do something was stronger than ever. I was aware of Beech Hill Garage; they are reasonably local to me and have a good reputation for restoring MGs of all ages. So I made enquires at their stand and following that called them on the Monday morning. Despite being very busy a plan of action was agreed that the car would be collected on the Tuesday and taken to Beech Hill for an assessment. After that it would be returned until it could be taken on as an over winter project. So the car was picked up on the Tuesday and trailered to Beech Hill for assessment. Over the next week they went over the car with in detail to see what work was needed. The good news was they had managed to get the bonnet open. The bad news was that they had run up the engine and that the knocking was coming from the bottom end of the engine and it appeared that a bearing had gone. A new engine would be required. They also came up with a long list of stuff that need to be replaced, including, alternator, discs and hubs where they had seized together, rubber suspension bushes, wheels and tyres. Anthony Allen of Beech Hill gave me an estimate for the work expecting me, I think, to say the car was not worth it and to scrap it. However my reasoning was that I needed a new car and I couldn’t see anything new that particularly inspired me, so I could use the same money to get the ZS restored.

In fact the car had a number of things it its favour as being a suitable subject. It is an early model 5-door 180 which makes it unusual. Added to that, when I bought it the budget was originally for a new MGF, but the ZS was much cheaper and so I had ticked all the optional extras. So it has a sunroof, rear head restraints and electric windows all round; all of which adds up to a fairly rare car. So it was agreed to go ahead and get the work done. With all these factors and that the car had great history in that I had owned it since new, Beech Hill became very enthusiastic about the project. They put a plan together to start straight away with the aim of having the car finished by the end of September.

One thing to sort out was the broken spoiler and dented tailgate. Trawling the Internet, I found a tailgate in the correct trophy blue colour complete with large spoiler on eBay. The only problem was it was on buyer collect in Wisbech which is quite a way from where I live in North Hampshire. After discussing with Beech Hill it was decided to purchase the tailgate as the price being asked was reasonable if only for the spoiler. So one Saturday I hired a van and leaving very early drove to pick up the tailgate leaving enough time to get back to Beech Hill before they closed at lunchtime. The seller of the tailgate turned out to be a guy who specialises in breaking MG Rovers. He had a number of Zeds and MGF/TFs that he was working on.   I took his contact details as he may be useful to know in the future. They looked at the tailgate and decided it was in better condition than the one on my car and will be swapping it over.

The engine was stripped down to basics and shipped off to be exchanged for a refurbished unit. This has been fitted and the car once more is able to move under its own power.

When the engine was run up for the first time they also found that the throttle was jammed open so the engine raced away. The throttle body was corroded so a new one was needed. The garage were expecting another ZS to come in and they were planning on breaking it for spares. The throttle body from that car was earmarked to replace mine. In the event, that ZS proved to be a runner so they decided to save and restore that ZS as well. Finding another replacement proved to be difficult and in the end they got a local engineering company to clean up mine. However the throttle still sticks when release slowly. This may free up with usage but it still may be necessary to find a replacement.

In replacing the engine one of the oil cooler pipes was found to be corroded. Beech Hill were unable to find a spare but they had a contact would could make the pipes to order and they got one built by them.

The body work has been looked at and is generally OK, but there are some dents and scratches that will need attention. The garage commented that there were some curious scratches on both c posts that they couldn’t account for. I managed to solve the mystery by confessing to them that I had been dumping the hardtop from the MG TF on the back of the car in the summer as I had nowhere else to put it. With the garage now unencumbered by the ZS I took steps to prevent any similar problems in future. Using a set of MG Rover hardtop wall brackets and a pulley system designed for hanging a bike in the roof I have rigged up a system to keep the hardtop in the ceiling of the garage when off of the car, leaving room to put the ZS or the TF underneath.

Due to the problems in sourcing some of the parts the end of September target has been and gone and the costs have risen much above the original estimate. This seems par for the course for restorations. I still hope to have the car ready for Christmas and since the original plan was to have the ZS for MGLive! in 2018 that’s OK. We would also like to have the car on our stand at the MG & Triumph Spares Show in March and the Practical Classics and Restoration Show.

Anthony at Beech Hill tells me that the ZS has already been the subject to a lot of interest. People seeing the car are dismayed at seeing yet another zed “being broken for parts”. Anthony is quite happy to point that “No, this one is being saved and restored”.

To be continued…..

December 2017 Newsletter

As I write our final newsletter of the year, the Classic Motor Show at the NEC is just over a week away. This show will bring the curtain down on our events for another year, but what a fantastic year it’s been for the Register. In the background the work continues over the winter months as we plan ahead for the coming year aided by the continued support of the Kimber House team. It’s been a busy time for the committee with each member undertaking on their own projects to ensure the Register keeps moving forward, and the momentum we’ve gained so far this year continues.

This year has seen some new relationships created within the classic car world. Classic Car Weekly’s use of a ZR in their ‘£500 Challenge’ was a great opportunity for us to forge a link with them. This relationship culminated in having their ZR on our stand at the Classic Car Restoration Show in March. A number of companies agreed to sponsor some of our events including Peter Best Insurance Services and Rimmer Bros.

Our taste for trying new things continued after our last newsletter in June. We had a very successful, and a very hot, MGLive! with a great turnout of Zeds on both days exceeding the space in our parking area. July was a busy month even without an MG Saloon Day. We headed to Penshurst Place in Kent for the SE Centre’s Summer Gathering at the end of the month – an event the register has supported on a number of occasions in the past. Our final ‘new’ event of the year was the Lancing Motor Show in October. We were more than happy to jointly represent the MG Rover era at the show together with some local enthusiast groups. With over eight hundred cars present and a great day out, the show has been included in our events calendar for 2018. We enjoyed another exciting year of racing too which was brought to a close at Snetterton in October. Next year we will be present at all the race meetings and will be organizing the lunchtime parade laps.

A vast number of new members have joined the club with a Zed this year, or have seen us at a show and are interested in the Register and what we do. The number of members who have joined our Facebook group is a reflection of this – this is very gratifying to see. Our Zeds are now becoming classic cars in their own right and it’s great to see such enthusiasm amongst the visitors at our events and shows.

Our events calendar for next year is almost complete. We are just waiting to confirm a few more dates. Once completed the list will be published in an upcoming Register update. We aim to take the Register out to the members next year with some new venues and exciting locations. Look out for any up-to-the-minute information on our Facebook page or website.

Finally, we’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And to thank ALL of you for your continued support throughout the past year. See you all in 2018.

John Thompson, Chair.

November 2017 Newsletter

At the very end of September Snetterton staged the traditional finale to the MGCC racing season. This year was largely dry on Saturday and wet on Sunday. There were plenty of Zeds on show and it was good to see the two Trophy drivers involved in the Oulton Park shunt both in attendance. In a damp qualifying session Doug Cole took pole for both races, winning the second race, but beaten to the line in Saturday morning’s race by Ross Makar. It was Matthew Turnball in the 160 class who was declared 2017 champion at the prize presentation at the end of the day. There was also a special presentation for Peter Macwaters who stood down as Championship Coordinator after ten years. A good end of the season too for Ian Dowler in the Peter Best Cup with a second-place behind Alan Brooke’s very rapid K-Series Metro in the final round. His 160 coming home ahead of not only the other 160s but the 170s too. It’s noticeable that more 160s are being attracted to this championship. So, another excellent racing season has been brought to a close. Most drivers interviewed at the prize giving said they’d be back next year. Much work to be done over the winter months no doubt! The parade laps coordinated by Geoff were popular too with twenty-nine cars signing up on the Saturday, but probably due to the weather there were no takers on the Sunday!

The following weekend on Sunday 8th October we headed down to Lancing in Sussex for their Motor Show. The was a first for ourselves so it was a ‘test the water’ kind of a day. The event is open to all classic cars and in the end over eight hundred cars were present. We felt it was important to fly the MG Rover flag at this event and to promote the club. The gamble paid off however and we signed up one new member. We were joined in the MG Rover area by some local enthusiast groups, and between us we put on quite a large display. Our cars may have made up a small percentage of the overall show but we felt it was important to be seen at this event. The weather was on our side too with no rain and sunny periods. Definitely an event for the diary next year I think.

October 2017 Newsletter

The penultimate rounds of this year’s Racing Championships continued on the 2nd September
at Oulton Park in Cheshire. A grid of thirty-two cars in the Trophy race were in prospect for
visitors, but unfortunately for the second time this year, an accident occurred in the Trophy
race with one of the competitors being airlifted to hospital. A big shunt occurred during the
first lap of the race – thankfully the driver involved will be okay. In the Peter Best Cup,
Register Treasurer Peter Burchill achieved second place overall. First place went to a
Tomcat, which are now allowed in the class, by a narrow margin of only 0.7 seconds.

We are giving a final call for the Lancing Motor Show which takes place on 8 th October. As
previously mentioned, will be going down there in full force with our gazebo etc to fly the
MG flag and promote the club, ourselves, and the Zeds in the world of classic cars. We still
have a number of Stand Passes left. If you are local or fancy a day by the sea please contact
either myself at the email address at the head of these notes or Paul Money at as soon as possible, there is still time to send one out to you. For
further information visit the official Lancing Motor Show page. The 2017 Racing
Championships then conclude at Snetterton on 30th October / 1st November.


September 2017 Newsletter

The relatively quiet holiday month of August allows us to look back at the second half of
July. With the racing championships being north of the border at the beginning of the month,
the following rounds took place on 22 nd at the Cadwell Park circuit in Lincolnshire. We
decided a while back that after the success of taking our gazebo at Brands Hatch we would do
the same here and promote the Register to the members in the area. Overall the day was
warm and sunny. Fortunately we managed to dodge the rain until the late afternoon. A good
number of visitors took the opportunity to book in for the lunchtime parade laps, including
ourselves. Cadwell Park is nicknamed ‘the Mini-Nürburgring’ and having driven around it
you can see why – brilliant!
We then returned to Kent at the end of the month and joined the South-East Centre for their
Summer Gathering at Penshurst Place near Tunbridge Wells. We had a very relaxing day in
the company of the local car groups and the variety of MGs which attended. There was also a
discounted rate to the house and gardens which were well worth a visit.
Taking place over the same weekend as the Summer Gathering was the Silverstone Classic.
This event has been discussed by ourselves many times in the past. The main club attends as
do a number of registers. We might be adding this to our own events list next year. Those of
you who attended the weekend were in for a real treat in the form of Jason Hughes in the
BTCC Kartworld Racing ZS from 2002. According to the team working on the car in the
paddock, they were amazed just how much interest the ZS had created. In its current form,
it’s quite a hybrid. It has a 2000cc Judd engine, which is K-Series based, and not the its
original V6 engine. It also has a facelift front end and original rear. In a grid of forty cars
Jason qualified in nineteenth place, taking seventh place in the first race and ninth place in
the second race.

The racing championships continue at Oulton Park on 2 nd September and will literally be on
us when you read these notes. They then conclude at Snetterton over the weekend of 30th
October/1 st November. Before that however is another new event for us. On 8 th October, we
will be attending the Lancing Motor Show near Worthing in Sussex. We will be going down
there in full force with our gazebo etc to fly the MG flag and promote the club, ourselves, and
the Zeds in the world of classic cars. We have been given twenty-five Car Stand Passes by
the organisers which we will give out on a first-come first-serve basis. If you are interested in
attending please contact either myself at the email address at the head of these notes or Paul
Money at and we will send them out to you. For further
information visit the official Lancing Motor Show page.

August 2017 Newsletter


July was another busy month for Zed owners and it began in Scotland at the Knockhill circuit in Fife. Although not organised by the club a further two races from the Trophy Championship took place over the weekend of 8/9th July. Later the same month on 22nd, the racing championships continued at the Cadwell Park circuit in Lincolnshire. We were there of course organising the lunchtime parade laps but also with our gazebo and regalia to promote the Register in the area. We then returned to Kent at the end of July as we joined the South-East Centre for their Summer Gathering at Penshurst Place near Tunbridge Wells. There will a full account of these latter events in next month’s update.


We take a breather from events during the holiday month of August before heading to Oulton Park in Cheshire for the next rounds of the racing championships on 2nd September.

If you have recently joined the Register and wish to register your car with us, please contact Paul Money at the following: . We also have the build-data for the entire production of Zeds if you wish to know more about your car. For further information and up-to-the-minute Register news please visit our Facebook group.

July 2017 Newsletter


Having just returned from MG Live! at Silverstone to complete this month’s notes I can use three words to describe the weekend, hot, hot and hot! We’ve had all weathers over the years but this time we were blessed with the hottest days of the year so far. This reflected in gate numbers and turn out of Zeds. We had close to eighty cars in our parking area on both days which was fantastic. In the marquee, we held a celebration of our own, as it was fifteen years ago at MG Live! that the first meeting to create the new ZR/ZS/ZT Register was held. The revised layout of the site seemed popular too with many walking from the main marquee to the adjacent stand to watch the Trophy race in the shade. It was good to catch up with familiar faces and to introduce ourselves to new ones to enable us to keep moving the register forward. A number of people joined the club during the weekend and registered their Zeds with us at the same time. Thank you to committee member Louise Allen for displaying her Platinum Silver ZS 180 in the marquee over the weekend. It took pride of place on the time-road. Congratulations too for Louise in taking the ‘1st in Class’ prize in the Pride of Ownership on the Sunday with her stunning Trophy Blue ZR. We agreed that the weekend had been a great success for the Register in this our second anniversary year!

If you still wish to register your car with us, please contact Paul Money at the following:


Whilst at Silverstone we held our AGM after hours on the Saturday. The Chairman’s report concluded that the register has moved forward significantly in the last twelve months. Our numbers have increased, we’ve built new relationships with people and organisations within the classic car world which will enable us to continue moving forward. We’ve taken the Zeds to new places & events, and will continue to do so. We aim to build on these experiences during the forthcoming year. We would like to welcome Karen Stone to the committee. Karen will be taking on the role of Regalia Coordinator. In the coming months, we will be sourcing some new clothing, introduce some new smaller items of regalia and coordinate our efforts with Kimber House and the online shop. Ian Kimpton who joined our committee at our last AGM in 2016 will be taking on the role of Social Media Coordinator and will be looking after our website. The remainder of the committee will be continuing in their current posts.


With the main event now behind us our busy year continues with three events taking place during the month. For the racing fans amongst you, the club Championships continue on the 8th/9th July in Scotland at the Knockhill circuit in Fife. Later in the month a further racing round takes place at the Cadwell circuit in Lincolnshire. We return to Kent at the end of July as we join the South-East Centre for their Summer Gathering at Penshurst Place near Tunbridge Wells. We hope to see you at some of these events.

June 2017 Newsletter

Looking ahead we have MGLive! later this month, and as many of you will now have realised there is no MG Saloon Day this year, but the event will return bigger and better next year. Moving forward to the end of July to an event which was not on our original calendar for the year – we have been invited by the South East Centre to their ‘Summer Gathering’ at Penshurst Place on 30th


The annual Pride of Longbridge gathering took place on 16th April near Cofton Park.

Moving forward to the weekend of 30th April/1st May we arrive at Brands Hatch for the next rounds of the 2016 racing championship.


We will be having our AGM late on the Saturday during MG Live! The time and location of which will be confirmed in due course. If you wish to attend please ask a member of the committee for details.

May 2017 Newsletter


There seems to be so much to write about from April I hope I can fit it all in. Our calendar began at the NEC over the weekend of 31st March – 2nd April for the Practical Classics Restoration Show. This show was a first for us – but all the preparation and behind-the-scenes work paid off and we had a very successful weekend. The two cars we had on display – Louise’s stunning Trophy Blue ZR pulled in an admiring audience, as did Classic Car Weekly’s ‘£500 Challenge’ ZR 105 in British Racing Green. We would like to thank David Simister and his team for loaning us their ZR for the weekend. The ‘temporary’ Rover 25 front was very much a talking point from all our visitors. Several new members joined the club with Zeds over the weekend, so welcome to all of you. We agreed that the reception of the Zeds at this show in their home town had been fantastic. During the three days, several people stopped to chat and said they had worked on the Zeds at Longbridge and were delighted to see them so popular and enter the classic car arena.

Meanwhile on the Sunday Zed owners headed for Brooklands Museum in Surrey for their MG Era Day. Overall the day was a success with a healthy number of visitors, although we did feel a bit out of the way round by the F1 display. We did however have a nice patch of grass to park on with room for only ten cars. Other visiting Zeds parked on the banking. But it’s the overall ambience and charm of Brooklands that makes for a very relaxing day.

The following Sunday(9th), the first rounds of the 2017 Racing Championships took place at Donington Park circuit with what must be a record number of Zeds. No fewer than sixty-one ZRs and ZSs were entered for the day’s races. All made the grid except for David Coulthard’s ZR 190 which blew its engine in qualifying. Thirty-three ZRs started in the Trophy races. Pole man Ross Makar finished third in both with wins going to Doug Cole and Graham Ross. Jack Roberts and Paul Luti scored in the very competitive 170 class with two firsts for Matt Turnbull in the 160s.

The Cockshoot Cup attracted five ZSs and four ZRs. The ZR 180 of Ashley Woodward finishing ahead of the similar machine of Philip Bowden. Fifteen ZRs and three ZSs were among the starters for the Peter Best Cup. David Mellor’s ZR achieved second place and there was a creditable fifth place for the leading ZS of Register Treasurer Peter Burchill. The racing continues at Brands Hatch.

On Easter Saturday, we returned to Birmingham for the Pride of Longbridge gathering. There will be a full account of this event in the next update together with the how the racing went and Brands Hatch.


With ‘MGs in the Weald’ only a few weeks away there is still time to book on one of the two brewery tours taking place that day. Please contact Andy Knott directly at Kimber House to book your places. We will be having a specific parking area for modified cars, show cars and Monogram cars on the station concourse. If you plan to bring any of these to the event please contact either myself or Paul Money so we can take your details and direct you into position on the day. Paul can be contacted on . Many thanks




April 2017 Newsletter

Our first events of the year will have just taken place when you read these notes. The Practical
Classics Restoration Show took place over the weekend March 31 st – 2 nd April. While in Surrey
on 2 nd April Brooklands held their MG Era Day. There will be a full account on both these events
in next month’s update.

April is going to be another busy month for the Register as we travel in all directions to different
events. We begin at Donington Park on 9 th for the first racing rounds of 2017. After a close finish
in the Trophy Championship at Snetterton last year, how will this season begin? It’s looking to
be another large grid of ZRs again this year. Also at Donington will be the first round of the 2017
Cockshoot Cup. Our Treasurer Peter Burchill is preparing for the first of six rounds which will
conclude at Croft circuit on 16/17 th September. We are organising the lunchtime parade laps this
year – so please find Geoff to sign on for this unique opportunity to view the track from the
drivers-eye view. Please bring your membership cards with you as membership numbers will be
recorded on the forms this year.

The following weekend we head home to Birmingham for the annual Pride of Longbridge
gathering on Saturday 15 th . There has been a lot of interest in this event on social media over the
last couple of months and the turn-out is expected to be very impressive. Bearing that in mind we
advise arriving early as there will be a queue to get in. We will have our flag and banner up so
hopefully we will be fairly easy to spot on the field. Let’s hope the weather is kind to us this

At the end of the month the racing continues as we head to Brands Hatch racing circuit in Kent
for a full weekend of action. The weekend this year has been designed to be a mini MG Live!
The club will be having their sales stand there and so will we. There will also be a dedicated
space for MGCC parking together with the lunchtime parade laps. The Triple M Register and
ourselves are getting behind this event, and we will be supporting the teams in the Trophy
Championship. The club has secured a 20% discount on ALL entry tickets this weekend. If you
live in London or the south east, please come along – we’d like to put on a huge display of Zeds
– many thanks.

If you have recently joined the Register or have changed your Zed then please contact our
Registrar Paul Money at the following: . We are currently in the
process of updating our database. We’d like to welcome all the new members who joined us over
the winter. Paul also has the build-data for the entire run of Zeds. If you would like to know
more about the about your Zed, then contact Paul at the above. Please use your membership
number in all correspondence. See you next month……

March 2017 Newsletter


With our events season beginning at the end of the month I thought I’d take the opportunity to tell you about one of them taking place during May. ‘MGs in the Weald’ is a new event for us and has been organised by ourselves. It’s taking place at Tenterden station on the Kent & East Sussex Railway, near Ashford. The K&ESR is one of the leading heritage railways in the country and has played host to a number of car enthusiast groups in the past. We first approached them during the summer last year and we found them very enthusiastic and accommodating. Since then our plans for the event have evolved into an exciting family day out. We also approached the neighbouring micro-brewery who are kindly opening especially for us and will conduct two guided tours for visitors on the day. (more…)

2017 Calendar now available

The ZR/ZS/ZT Register 2017 calendar is now available. Click here to have a look at what promises to be a busy year for Zed owners!

December 2016 Newsletter

Welcome to our December newsletter. It seems almost unbelievable that we have reached the end of our Zed’s 15th Anniversary year already, but the second half of the year turned out to be as busy as the first with events.

It’s been a busy time for ourselves too with some committee changes and some strong additional support. We have been to some memorable events since our last newsletter in June. We had a very successful MGLive! with a great turnout of Zeds on both days. The cool cloudy weather did not deter enthusiasts from attending, and in a classic example of a certain law the sun appeared for the second part of Sunday afternoon. The following month was the highlight of our year, ZED15. We headed to the British Motor Museum at Gaydon to celebrate this historic event. On the day over three hundred cars attended, most of which were Zeds! These included a very colourful selection of Mongram examples. With the added attraction of the revamped museum the day was a roaring success laying the foundations for similar arrangements for next year’s MG Saloon Day. It’s a similar story with many outdoor events, the rain we endured during the setting up on the day soon moved on leaving us with a glorious hot and sunny afternoon – perfect.

Throughout the year we have continued to support the main club at race days by organizing the lunchtime parade laps. These are proving very popular and have produced a high number of MG owners all wanting to experience the racing drivers-eye view. If you have never been to a race meeting, then you are missing a treat. Not only do you have great views of the racing close up, but you can visit the pits & paddock areas, talk to the drivers and crews and watch the maintenance being carried out. Light refreshments are also available. This really is a benefit of being a member of our club. Many of you have been present on each occasion supporting the Trophy races and the Zed drivers in the Cockshoot Cup, we hope to see you again next year too. We enjoyed another exciting year of racing which was brought to a close at Snetterton in October.

Bringing our events up-to-date, we were extremely pleased to be involved with the Classic Motor Show at the NEC this year. The theme of the show was Heroes and Heroines and Committee member Louise Allen’s stunning ZR certainly proved to be the hero of the weekend for us. We were inundated with visitors interested in our cars, the Register and in the club which was great. The club stand was extremely busy for the whole three days. With hundreds of classic cars to view it was the ideal location to promote the Zeds and the Register. Several new members joined the club over the weekend who own Zeds. Welcome to you all, we hope to see you at many of our events next year.


Our events calendar for next year is almost complete. A number of the dates have now been confirmed but some still need to be finalised. A completed list will be published in next month’s Register update. Look out for any up-to-the-minute information on our Facebook page.


Our Registrar Paul Money is in the process of updating our vehicle database. If you have not registered your Zed, then please contact Paul at the following email address: . If you have changed your car recently then please notify him with the new information. Paul also has a copy of the Zed build data, so if you’d like to learn more about your car then send Paul either your commission number or VIN. Please include your membership number in your correspondence.


It just remains for us to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And to thank all of you for supporting your Register during our cars 15th Anniversary year. See you all in 2017.

John Thompson   Tel: 07854 275541

Register Update – February 2015

(Author John Thompson)

1ST MARCH 2015


Our first event of the year will be just about to happen by the time you receive these notes. The MG/Triumph Show & Spares Day is slightly later again this year taking place on 1st March. This has become our traditional start of the year for us and we are becoming familiar faces. It’s great to be back out into the MG world and catch up with people face to face after the winter months. As for the venue itself, the show occupies two of the large halls at the Agricultural Show Ground, and is crammed with trade stands, an auto-jumble, club displays, and cars for sale. If you haven’t been before it is well worth a visit and an ideal way to start the year. We have assembled another eye-catching display of Zeds to whet your appetites, so visit our stand and say hello.

At this point it seems the right time to say that we are continually looking out for volunteers to help with the running of the Register. This could be by either helping run our stand at shows or by helping the committee in other ways depending on what your time allows on a more ongoing basis. If you are interested in helping in any capacity then please either contact myself or another committee member.

Your Register needs you to keep it successful.     

For further information on forthcoming events and Register information please continue to visit this site or go to our Register Facebook page.



It’s the time of year when your car heaters and blowers go into hyper-drive clearing your windscreens on those cold and frosty mornings. I know some ZR owners have had problems with failing resistor packs causing some of the fan settings not to work. I include myself here as settings one and two stopped functioning during January on my ZR. New resistor packs are readily available from various companies, and also online from either Amazon or Ebay where they can be purchased quite cheaply. Alternatively the individual blown resistor can be replaced independently if you prefer. There are many websites and forums online which give a step-by-step guide on how to replace the pack. I won’t steal anybody’s thunder by going through each stage here, but the task is very straight forward and well illustrated on some forums. Good luck.




Please download the following link:

Zed Register Events List 2015


Zed Register Events List 2015

Register Update – January 2015

Happy New Year!

Here we are again at the start of another busy MG year. You will have seen in last month’s issue our events calendar for the forthcoming year. We have another packed season ahead of us with a number of new events in addition to some old favourites. We will be attending the Motorsport show at Crystal Palace in May and the Classic Motor Show in Manchester during September. Mallory Park hosts the first round of the 2015 racing championships in March. We will be present at all the race meetings, organising the parade laps as usual. The Pride of Longbridge event held in Cofton Park is particularly significant this year as it marks the tenth anniversary of the closure of the former MG Rover plant. But the year begins in the traditional way at Stoneleigh for the MG & Triumph Spares Day on 1st March.

The Classic Motor Show was held at the NEC over the weekend of 16/17/18th November. This has always been a popular show for us and this year was no exception. The club stand was busy all weekend especially on the Saturday as the pictures in last month’s SF! show. This year we shared a stand with the main club. Due to limited space the Register was represented by a ZR 160 race car. Many thanks to Helen Waddington for flying the Zed Register flag for us. It certainly created a lot of interest during the weekend. There was a lot of enthusiasm being shown in the world of the modern MG too with a number of people expressing an interest in the club and Register. Some existing Zed owners came to visit us; we hope you enjoyed the show. We took the opportunity on the Saturday afternoon to hold our final committee meeting of the year to discuss our plans for 2015.

Zed Register Events List 2015

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And to thank all of you for supporting your Register during 2014. See you all next year.

Register Update – December 2014

Welcome to our second Newsletter of 2014. Another year seems to have rushed past with indecent haste. It’s been a busy time for the Register too. There have been some memorable events since our last newsletter in June. After a successful MG90 we headed to RAF Cosford in July for the increasing popular MG Saloon Day.  Fortunately the rain mostly held off at both of these events. Throughout the year we have continued to support the main club at race days by organizing the lunchtime parade laps. There has been a respectable number of Zeds present on each occasion supporting the Trophy races and the ZS drivers in the Cockshoot Cup. We have been treated to another exciting year of racing which was brought to a close at Snetterton in October. Bringing the events up-to-date, the Classic Motor Show was held at the NEC over the weekend of 15/16/17th November. Scaled down compared to previous years, a Register representative was present on the main club stand throughout the weekend answering any questions and queries which arose. With limited space and room for only one car, a Trophy race car ZR was chosen to represent the Register which generated a lot of interest.

A number of dates for our events next year have now been confirmed such as the racing rounds and MG Live! Some of the others still need to be finalised. The list below is provisional and could still change. Look out for any alterations or updates on our microsite, our Facebook page or in future Register updates.


Sun 1st March, MG & Triumph Spares Day – Stoneleigh, Coventry

Sun 29th March, Mallory Race Round – Mallory Park, Leics

Sun 12th April, MG Era Day – Brooklands, Surrey

Sat 18th April, Pride of Longbridge – Birmingham

Sat/Sun  2/3rd May, Brands Hatch Race Round – Brands Hatch, Kent

Sun/Mon 24/25th May, Motorsport at the Palace – Crystal Palace, London

Sun 31st May, Donington Race Round – Donington Park, Leics

Sat/Sun 20/21st June , MG Live! – Silverstone, Northants

Sun 12th July, MG Saloon Day – TBC

Sat 12th Sept, Oulton Race Round – Oulton Park, Cheshire

Sat/Sun 19/20th Sept, Classic Car Show – Manchester, Trafford Centre

Sat/Sun 10/11th Oct, Snetterton Race Round – Snetterton, Norfolk

Fri/Sat/Sun 13-15th Nov, Classic Motor Show – NEC, Birmingham

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And to thank all of you for supporting your Register during 2014. See you all next year.