Model Information

Shortly after the formation of MG Rover (MGR) from the departure of BMW ownership in the spring of 2000, a new range of MG saloons was announced.  First viewed by the press in January 2001 and simply codenamed as X30, X20 and X10.

These MG Sports Saloons were subsequently launched in the spring of 2001 as the MG ZR,MG ZS and MG ZT with the slogan “Life’s too short not to”. To most enthusiasts they are collectively and affectionately known as the Zeds.



The MG ZR was the UK’s top selling small sports hatchback. Available in both 3 door and 5 door variants. The ZR proved to be real hit with all ages of driver, not only as an economical package but also, like all MGs, great fun too.




The MG ZS is quite simply one of the best handing front wheel drive cars ever produced.  Available as a 5 door hatch and as a 4 door saloon the ZS is a real driver’s car, offering powerful engines and agile chassis with excellent handling.




The award winning and high quality platform of the executive MG ZT saloon and ZT-T tourer had a wide appeal with both the private and business sector. Launched at first as FWD only, again using the both the K, KV6 and a BMW sourced CDTi diesel power unit. From the outset MGR announced its intension to develop a RWD version too.

The MG ZT 260, launched in 2003, was re-engineered to a longitudinally mounted, in line, V8. The engine and gearbox originates from the Ford Mustang GT. In 2005 a few 320 versions were produced too.