Vacancies – The Register need you!

Flying the flag for the Register!

The Register is looking to fill two key positions supporting its activities in the MGA world.

MGA Register Reporting“Scribe”

Traditionally known as the “Scribe”, this post-holder submits a monthly report for publication in Safety Fast ! For most months, the Register is allowed a half-page (around 400 words, and a photo if one is available). Content is at the discretion of the Scribe – typically, a few notes on an upcoming event,  information received on a newly-discovered MGA, etc. – and usually based on notes sent in by members.

Three times a year, the Register is allowed a four-page spread in Safety Fast ! This normally starts with notes on current MGA issues, followed by an MGA-focused article (again, often provided by members). The Register is allowed around 2000 words, plus five photos, for these spreads.

Full support will be given to the new post-holder as they transition into this important role in communicating not only with MGA Register members but with all the wider MG world. 

MGA Registrar

The Registrar’s role is to maintain records of as many MGAs as possible,  on an Access database held on a PC. The Register has been maintained over many years, with several thousand detailed entries already held, but details of newly-discovered cars are still coming to light, either from purchasers or from adverts seen on classic car websites, and are then added to the database.
This is a challenging, interesting and enjoyable role, and the new post-holder will be given full system and data support from past Registrars and from other MGA committee members. 

For more information:

For both these roles, please contact Howard Quayle on : hquayle1947@btinternet.com He will be very happy to give you more details about what is involved, and to have a chat about supporting you during any transition period.