Social Runs Guidance

The proposed Social Runs will be in accordance with the guidance provided by the Motorsport UK (MSUK) and MGCC.  To ensure a proposed Social Run does not come within the MSUK definition of a ‘Touring Assembly’ or ‘Competitive Event’ where a ‘Certificate of Exemption’ may be required, the following criteria should be followed:

  • it must be non-competitive,
  • no prizes or awards to be given,
  • no speed limits or timings set and
  • limited to twelve cars or less.

A Social Run has one overarching objective, namely, to travel by road, in company with others, to a pre-determined destination.

The idea is for MGA’s, within a local area, to get out for a day’s drive or over a weekend, Covid-19 restrictions permitting.  The MGA Register in promoting these Social Runs will support local organisers who take the initiative to arrange such a run.  To keep the Social Run local, it is not envisaged that long travelling distances would be required before starting the Social Run, in this instance up to 20 miles is viewed as reasonable for the run to be regarded as local. 

A Social Run should not inconvenience other road users and as a courtesy, cars in a close convoy are to be avoided.  The arrangement for a meeting place or lunch stop may have a suggested route but not to be prescribed as ‘a must follow’.  The alternative of following the leader may lead to the close convoy situation.  Therefore the route planning is flexible and can be whatever suits the organiser, local roads and participants best.

This will be a great opportunity to encourage MGA owners, who may not be an MGCC member or have not taken part in one of the MGA Tours in the past, to become involved and take part in one of our future tours.  This may lead to new members and demonstrate that the MGCC and in particular the MGA Register is –The Marque of Friendship