MGA History


The “Ted Lund / Colin Escott” Class winning Twin cam
Le Mans 1960


This feature will be developed over time to display items from the collection of memorabilia held in the  MGA Register’s archive.

 Follow these links to open a new window and view a selection of photos of the Private Entrants and Works teams of MGA’s and Twin Cams competing in the 12 Hour Sebring Endurance Races. 

Sebring 1956 

Sebring 1957/58

Sebring 1959 

Sebring 1960,

Sebring 1961

Sebring 1962

The images are from the archive of BARC – the Binghamton Automobile Racing Club  formed in 1958 by four teenagers from Binghamton, New York. Joe Tierno, Dave Zych, Steve Vail and Dave Nicholas.



A selection of early BMC publicity material for the MGA.  Click to see a larger image

MGA Press Day

MGA Press Day 1955

MGA Publicity Photo

Very early publicity photograph

MGA Publicity photos

MG Car Company publicity photograph

MGA Pulicity Photo 2

Early publicity photograph of the Twin Cam

Sid Enever & Pat Moss

MGA designer Sid Enever with Pat Moss at the launch of the MGA in 1955

Twin Cam 2

Early photograph of the Twin Cam

First of a new Line

The iconic advertisement for the MGA. Published in magazines such as “The Motor” and “Autocar” in late September 1955

MGA 1600MGA Castrol Advert