MGA Day – Scotland

7th July 2024

The 2024 Scottish MGA Day will take place on Sunday 7th July 2024 this time around the Scottish Borders.  We will meet at 10am in the Big Red Barn Cafe, five miles north of Biggar on the A702. 

The route will first take us to Broughton, famous for its real ale brewery, and then ‘over the tops’ by the Talla and Meggat Reservoirs and down to St Marys Loch. From there we will take minor wild high roads to Hawick from where we will go cross country to the home of Walter Scott at Abbotsford where we will have lunch in the restaurant. 

After lunch there will be options on the route, depending on the time we finish lunch, to drive to the Dawyck Botanical Gardens where we will finish the day in their excellent cafe.

Bookings are now open on the Caledonian Centre website at https://mgcaledonian.com/events/.  Any queries please contact me on pmz.dean@gmail.com,