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2 Mar 16 |

Those EX numbers….

John Thornley’s definitive paper on the original Abingdon EX numbers first published in the June 1959 issue of Safety Fast! and again in June 2001 is this week’s feature. Photos courtesy of Cliff Bray and Brian Moylan.

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24 Feb 16 |

MG on a volcano

A holiday trip by three Canadians up a Mexican volcano with a Y-type M.G. turned out to be more of an adventure than they expected. MG on a volcano featured in Safety Fast! from January 1963, and was written by Gerd Ledermann.

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17 Feb 16 |

One man’s meat….’not for purists’

This week’s feature looks at Philip Edbrook’s modified MG TD, and goes through what work he had done to it. The original article featured in Safety Fast! from January 1968. 

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10 Feb 16 |

A life with MGs (and cameras)

This article started life as a talk by George Phillips to an audience of American T owners, of the New England M.G. T-Register, a few years before his death. It was part of a special three-part series that features in Safety Fast! from May, June and July 2000.

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3 Feb 16 |

Round Australia…in GT style

This week’s feature documents Trevor Clark’s Aussie adventure in an MGB GT, from January 1968’s Safety Fast! 

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27 Jan 16 |

MG’s 4th Racing Year

A dramatic twelve months that made MG history — including a team win in the Mille Miglia and outright victory in the Ulster T.T. This week’s feature about the amazing feats of MG racing in 1933 was featured in Safety Fast! from April 1961, and was written by William Boddy. 

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20 Jan 16 |

MGA to the Arctic

Similar to last week’s feature, we travel back to the sixties, but instead of an MGB in the Andes, we have the slightly colder story of an MGA in the Arctic – quite fitting for the current weather here in the UK. It was written by David Williams, and featured in Safety Fast! from June […]

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13 Jan 16 |

MGB to the Andes

This week we travel back to April 1967, and a Safety Fast! article written by Tom Oleson – an American that lived in Peru at the time, who decided to take on the incredible task of driving his MGB up the Andes. 

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6 Jan 16 |

MG on the job 1936-1940

This week’s feature goes into depth about the use of MGs in the police-force and driving courses from 1936-1940. It was written by Allan Scott, and first published in Safety Fast! back in July 1984. 

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30 Dec 15 |

An MG K3 on the Mille Miglia…

The MG K3 has a special relationship with the Mille Miglia, and this week’s feature written by Peter Fenichel from January 2009’s Safety Fast! details his trip to the legendary Italian race from May 2008. 

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