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18 Sep 20 |

George Eyston: The King of Speed That Time Forgot

This is the story of George Eyston. Unfortunately, his memory seems to have faded from people’s memories, a great injustice given his record of achievement.

15 Sep 20 |

Goodwood Track Day

The philosophy of MGs on Track is to generate fun and sociable track days. We were invited to go along and see for ourselves at Goodwood.

11 Sep 20 |

Saved from the scrap heap

Here’s the story of how we purchased a 1996 Flame Red MGF with front end damage and restored it to its former glory ready to be used as an everyday car.

8 Sep 20 |

Bonneville Swan Song

After celebrating half a century since Abingdon last went record-breaking, here’s the story of the EX181. Learn how it attacked international records here.

5 Sep 20 |

Visit to British Motor Heritage

The British Motor Heritage started to produce bodyshells in 1988 for MGs and is still going strong today. Recently the opportunity arouse to visit their 50,000 square foot premises.

3 Sep 20 |

Old Number One

John Thornley tells the story of the first of the line-the two-seater Morris Oxford special that inspired the MG sports car.

27 Aug 20 |

Fun in the Sun

Our Safety Fast! Editor Andy Knott asked Neil Mattock if he would like to take an MG ZR 160 hot hatch out for a comparison test drive, here is his review.

25 Aug 20 |

155 mph for £5k

Externally virtually indistinguishable from lesser-powered ZT models, the V8 powered ZT 260 packs the punch of a muscle car.

20 Aug 20 |

“That’s standard, sir!”

Read our latest Safety Fast! article on the types of things that MG customers complained about in the 1930s. A couple of them may just surprise you.

17 Aug 20 |

2007 Peking to Paris rally in a 1938 MG SA

In 2007, two MG’s took up the challenge to travel across the world from Peking to Paris – an MG SA and a ZA Magnette. Here is their story.