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8 Jul 20 |

MG Maestro: An Appreciation after 25 Years – Part 1

Twenty-five years ago in March 1983, the MG Maestro was launched along with the other members of the LM10 model family. This followed the 1982 launch of the MG Metro, the unexpected success of which resulted in the MG version being somewhat hastily added to the Maestro model range.

3 Jul 20 |

Everyday Y

I had always liked the look of pre-war cars, but did not have the bottle to actually purchase one. I had owned a MGB GT and after that a small VW Golf. When that became life expired I had to find a replacement. (Yes I know that there are a few differences between a Golf and a Y Type but I wanted a change.) I looked at several makes of post war car that were produced with ‘thirties’ styling.

2 Jul 20 |

Tales of the unexpected – Part 2

Peter Browning continues his story of how he came to Abingdon to run the Austin-Healey Club and ended up as BMC Competitions Manager.

20 Jun 20 |

Small Wonders Part II

A potted history of the Triple-M Midgets, from the PA to the R Type. MG was very much looking to the future. In March 1934, a new Midget, the P-Type, was introduced. Even though it took many engineering and design cues from its predecessor, the P-Type sported a slightly longer wheelbase, the chassis was a tad sturdier, there was a little more interior space, the level of standard equipment was improved and the bodywork had more flowing lines.

17 Jun 20 |

Full Throttle

If you own an MGF built before 2000, the chances are that the car is still running on its original SU plastic 48mm throttle body. You may be experiencing erratic tick over, or uneven running, which takes the joy out of driving your ‘F’.

13 Jun 20 |

Small Wonders Part I

A potted history of the Triple-M Midgets, from the M Type to the J Type. Although its stand at the 1930 Motor Show was home to such ‘largesse’ as two new 18/80 models, the Mark 1 Speed and the Mark II De Luxe Saloon, the public perception of MG, a soon-to-be-great marque, was shifting. Indeed, few people were now associating it as a manufacturer of large, well-appointed and relatively costly cars.

12 Jun 20 |

The sun shone brightly for most of MG Live! – 2010 Event Report

The annual pilgrimage to Silverstone was again a superb three-day affair, with all manner of attractions. Read our MG Live! report here.

12 Jun 20 |

Celebrating 90 years of MG – MG Live! 2014 Event Report

MG enthusiasts descended on Silverstone to help celebrate 90 years of MG at the MG90 event organised by The MG Car Club. Read our MG Live! report here.

12 Jun 20 |

The World’s Largest MG event – MGLive! 2018 Event Report

The world’s largest MG event made a triumphant return as enthusiasts arrived at Silverstone for MGLive! 2018. Read our MG Live! report here.

12 Jun 20 |

MG Live! 2013 Event Report

As ever the weekend of MGLive! was all the proof anybody needed, that the enthusiasm for all aspects of the MG Car Club is strong. Read our MG Live! report here.