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26 Mar 20 |

Bury St Edmunds to Benbecula and Back by B

Hebrides Diary – By Paul Purnell I was taken by the Lewis Trilogy by Peter May that I’d read, a trio of novels set on the Outer Hebridean Islands of Lewis, Harris, Benbecula and North and South Uist. I was so taken by the descriptions of the islands that I decided that one day I […]

18 Apr 19 |

MG6 Buyers Guide: MG’s Best Kept Secret?

  The MG6 caused a stir when it arrived in the UK back in 2011 – praised for its impressive chassis dynamics, space and levels of kit, here’s your guide to picking up a second-hand MG6. What is it? The MG6 arrived in the UK in 2011, becoming the first all-new car from MG since […]

23 Jan 19 |

Fifty Years and Counting

  Few, if any, marques have generated such enthusiasm, loyalty, and sheer pleasure of ownership as MG. It’s a truly special marque. And, few couples can have owned, cherished, and regularly used, their MGs for as long as John and Donna Beesley have. Sporting Choice John, a long-time member of the MGCC (he joined in […]

6 Jan 19 |

Project MGA: Part 7 – Final Assembly & Unveil

  With the body painted, the chassis ready and engine and gearbox fitted, it’s now time for the final assembly. It was decided by public vote at the November 2016 Classic Car Show that Mike Brewer’s MGA would be restored, but encompass sensible mods to improve the car and make it more suitable for today’s […]

4 Jan 19 |

Project MGA: Part 6 – Bodywork

  Cotswold Accident Repair Centre which is based in Witney, Oxfordshire, is undertaking the body preparation work, after sand blasting the body. They are specialists in this field with years of experience behind them. But before we go on to the body preparation, let’s do a quick recap. Before removing the body from the chassis […]

2 Jan 19 |

Project MGA: Part 5 – Gearbox Conversion

Work has been progressing rapidly on Project MGA and, in the very capable hands of Ben Harris at Rally Preparation Services, reassembly has begun in earnest on the freshly powder-coated chassis. In keeping with owner Mike Brewer’s plans for the car, the MG is going to be upgraded in a few key areas. Utilising the […]

31 Dec 18 |

Project MGA: Part 4 – Chassis Restoration

With the chassis of Mike Brewer’s MGA stripped of all its components it looked in excellent condition, but time would tell. The first job with the stripped chassis was to degrease it as much as possible. This involved brushing it by hand with cleaning chemicals, agitating the grease before giving it a wash off with […]

29 Dec 18 |

Project MGA: Part 3 – Engine Out, Chassis Stripped

  Time to strip the chassis and remove the engine, Ben and his colleagues, Josh and Brooke, start the next stage of the restoration. Having assessed the condition of the bodywork, which is in amazing condition, it came as no surprise to find the strip down of the chassis went well with all the suspension […]

28 Dec 18 |

Project MGA: Part 2 – The Assessment

  With Mike Brewer’s MGA safely residing at the RPS premises at Witney, Ben Harris and his colleagues from RPS set to work assessing the MG. Ben’s an old hand at MGA restoration, having restored plenty in his time since joining RPS. Although he’s worked on plenty of other British exotica, he hasn’t had an […]

26 Dec 18 |

Project MGA: Part 1 – The Introduction

  After turning heads at the 2016 Classic Motor Show, Mike Brewer’s Project MGA is ready to go, but first TV’s Wheeler Dealer lifts the lid on why he wanted to tackle an MGA in the first place… His TV shows have seen him tackle everything from a Mini Cooper to a Dodge Charger but […]