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16 Dec 15 |

Crackers & Muskets

This week’s article comes courtesy of Safety Fast! from April and May 1972, and is a two-part feature on two of the most famous MG trials teams of all time; Crackers and Muskets. Written by Steve Dear.

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9 Dec 15 |

The story behind the brew

In 1979, The MG Car Company celebrated the 50th Anniversary of its move from Edmund Road, Cowley in Oxford to Abingdon. They asked Morland & Co to brew a special commemorative beer for the occasion. The name chosen was “Old Speckled Hen”, which took its name from a strange car brought to Abingdon when the […]

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3 Dec 15 |

Why MG?

Racing has always been a part of the MG Car Club’s DNA, and the following article comes from the May 1961 edition of Safety Fast! It was written by Richard Ide, a former racing driver, and he explained at the time why he chose to race in just MGs. What’s brilliant is that many of […]

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25 Nov 15 |

Buying an MGF/TF

With many classic car enthusiasts currently looking at MGFs and TFs because of their excellent value for money, and stunning looks, we thought this week’s feature should focus on buying one of these cracking two-seaters. The following guide was written by Colin Grant, and featured in October 2013’s Safety Fast!

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18 Nov 15 |

Dick Jacobs and the Mighty Midgets

The following feature comes courtesy of Safety Fast! from February 1965, and looks at the success that legendary Race Driver/Team Manager Dick Jacobs had with his MG Midgets on the international stage. Written by Peter Browning. 

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6 Nov 15 |

MG in WW2

MG may be about cars to most, but how they helped during the war did not go unrecognised – with some people regarding the work in Abingdon being the pinnacle of the company’s successful history.

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29 Oct 15 |

It’s the ‘MGB’ GT

This month marks the 50th Anniversary of the MGB GT. Launched at the London Motor Show on October 20 1965, the MGB GT was to become an instant success. Safety Fast! carried a review of the car in the November 1965 issue, which is reprinted here, followed by the respected motoring journalist Bill Boddy’s thoughts […]

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10 Sep 15 |

Take a look inside Kimber House with Adam Sloman

For those of our members and fans across the world that haven’t yet been lucky enough to visit the Club’s home here in Abingdon, we’ve produced a short video to give you a glimpse of what’s on show.

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7 Aug 15 |

MGLive! 2015

This year we were celebrating several anniversaries at Silverstone during MGLive! with the MGA celebrating 60 years since its introduction, the MGB GT celebrating 50 years, the MGF celebrating 20 years and the Abingdon Competitions Department celebrating 60 years.

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31 Jul 15 |

Another Abingdon Aston

When BL decided to close MG’s Abingdon home, many feared it would be the end of the marque. However there were plenty of options for MG’s future, including an intriguing offer from Aston Martin, an offer that produced one very unique MGB. An MGB that long-time fan Trevor Broadbent was keen to replicate…

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