MG Car Club launches new digital memberships

30th June 2023

The historic vehicle community that we are a major part of, has never been healthier in the UK. The movement continues to evolve by embracing the opportunities that modern technology and digital means of communication have to offer. 

For MG fans, the backbone of the community has been, and remains, the MG Car Club. The club has an enviable place in MG history, having been formed out of the factory over 90 years ago. 

Whilst the membership has proven loyal over many decades, new opportunities exist to attract new audiences, younger members and those looking for different benefits and reasons to renew with the club. 

From the purchase of Kimber House, the club’s headquarters that sit next to the site of the old MG factory in Abingdon, to the recent installation of an electric vehicle charging point for visiting members to use, the MG Car Club has enjoyed a long history of innovation. 

However, the cost of running organisations have risen dramatically in recent years, so the conditions for car clubs have become ever more challenging. The MG Car Club is now required to evolve once more for the benefit of securing its services to members long into the future. 

One of the most significant cost bases to the day to day running of the club is the production and delivery of Safety Fast! Magazine. Not only have production costs risen against the backdrop of a challenging market for advertising, but the costs of delivering the publication to members has also sky-rocketed. 

Therefore, the MG Car Club has announced its new digital membership, which is hoped will enable us to continue providing the service that members expect, by offering alternative ways to consume Safety Fast Magazine in line with changing preferences, whilst ensuring delivery and production continues in a more sustainable way. 

Members will now have two levels of membership on offer. Digital membership which will offer an online, mobile friendly way of consuming Safety Fast! Magazine or Print membership which will offer members the chance of ‘opting-in’ and purchasing an upgrade on their membership to receive a paper magazine.

Across the world, a digital membership will cost the same as in the UK.

It was clear from the feedback from council to the Executive Committee that there is a changing appetite to consume the communications and media offerings of the MG Car Club in different, often more convenient ways. The changing habits and needs of our members require us to be ever more active in the digital space and so we believe this move not only meets those changing needs but also helps the MG Car Club remain financially sustainable for many years to come.

The new UK and Europe digital and print membership tiers will be introduced from July 2023 onwards. Digital membership costs will be fixed for the next three years. Members can purchase their membership or renew via the web pages at: https://www.mgcc.co.uk/join-now/ and you can see the costs for the new tiers of membership subscription, including our options to spread the cost over monthly Direct Debit payments.