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WELCOME to the MGA Twin Cam Group, established in 1966 by Phil Richer and Mike Ellman-Brown and now chaired by Colin Manley with help from a team of Twin Cam enthusiasts.

The earliest known group article published in Safety Fast dates from May 1969. As Mike points out in this article, the group was setup to help owners maintain their cars and offer moral support, something which we hope holds true today.


One of the first questions people often ask, is how many twin cams currently survive from the 2111 production and two prototypes made between the launch day at Chobham (as shown in the photo above) in 1958 and June 1960.

A vague answer usually ensues, as many owners have not made contact in decades, so I would encourage those that fit into this category to make contact with the group. What I can confirm is Phil Richer began publishing owners lists in 1976 and since then, all but just over 1000 twin cams have made their way onto the various registers and groups.

The MGA Register of the MG Car Club also provide specific information about the Pushrod engined version of the MGA & MGA Deluxe , http://www.mgcc.co.uk/mga-register/

Registration queries, please contact our registrar Stuart Mumby