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MG Car Club Western Australia

The magazine of the MG Car Club Western Australia

2018 January. Octagon C.[1]

The Canterbury, New Zealand magazine.

The most recent magazine from Canterbury, New Zealand.

June July 2018 Electronic version. (1)

Newsletter from the Western Australian MGCC (Perth).

The recent newsletter from the WA Club.

2018 May Octagon FV[1] (1)

MGCC Western Australia

Attached is the latest Octagon magazine from the Western Australian club. My thanks to Doug Bush for supplying. There is an interesting article by Peter Mittler on the benefits of a shading device in high levels of sunlight. Peter will be familiar to many club members as he is a well-traveled regular at overseas events.


2018 January. Octagon C.[1]

Western Australia MGCC

2016 January fvThe Western Australian club’s magazine.

Australia: the Pre-War MG Newsletter, November 2016.

Contains many items, but in particular an article on Womens’ reliability trials, and an article on MG globetrotter Dave Godwin’s experiences with his recently purchased TA.pre-war-mg-newsletter-november-2016

Australia: the Pre-War MG Register Newsletter, July 2016.

Articles on a couple of splendid VA Tourers, the Chequered History of J3763, and the Milano Mgs of 1959. What a surprise, a gull-winged MG utilising Morris Minor boot hinges and a Triumph Herald rear window for the windscreen. A genuine parts bin item.


Bulletin of the MGCC Wellington, N.Z. Dec/Jan 2016

Article on maintenance of winscreen wiper motors for ’60s and 70s cars, and an article on a very unusual MGRV8 – GT! ¬†Also a cautionary tale regarding ice machines which catch fire – unlikely to be an issue in the UK for most of the

The following are well worth a look. To some extent the non-UK magazines manage to include fascinating articles which through lack of space Safety Fast is unable to include. Gary Wall’s report is worth reading by T owners, and an interesting piece on Pressed Steel.

MG Bulletin Oct-Nov 2017

MG Bulletin Dec-Jan 2017

The Otago, N.Z., Autumn 2015 magazine.

Focus on two outstanding SAs, and reproduction of an MGA road test report.15060214otagonewsletter

Canterbury, NZ Mag, second part of Series @A’ engine article.