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Western Australia

The Western Australia affiliated MGCC’s newsletter for October, 2019 may be accessed below.  PC.


2019 October. Octagon (1)

South Cape

The South Africa South Cape’s newsletter can be viewed below. PC


MG NewsletterSouthCape 09.19

Tasmanian Club

The Tasmanian club’s newsletter for  September may be found below. PC


september magazine

Western Australia

The Western Australian affiliated club’s newsletter ‘Octagon’ may be found below. PC

2019 September. Octagon.



MGCC Australia

With thanks to Malcolm Robertson we have attached the Pre-War MG Newsletter.  Malcolm manages to find stories which we might have guessed disappeared decades ago.

Pre-War MG Newsletter-July 2019 (1)


Peter Cook

MGCC Wester Australia

We have two issues of the Western Australian club’s magazine. The July magazine has an account of a very challenging tour – a drive around Australia.

2019 August 19 Octagon


Octagon Final July

Peter Cook

Wellington, NZ magazine

Below is the link for the Wellington, NZ’s June/July 2019 magazine.  An interesting account of Gary Wall’s Pre-’56 Tour.


MG Bulletin Jun-Jul 19


Below is the link for the affiliated Tasmanian club magazine. The April edition contains an especially interesting article on MGCs with a brief follow up in the May edition.


Mag April 2019 colour PDF


Mag May 2019 colour


Peter Cook

MGCC – Overseas Director.

Pre-War Australian Newsletter

Below may be found the most recent Pre-War MG newsletter from Australia:


Pre-War MG Newsletter-November 2018

MGCC Wellington

Below may be found the Feb/March 2019 magazine of the MGCC Wellington NZ club.


WellingtonMG Bulletin Feb-Mar