After an estimated absence of 56 years, the Montreal MG Car club has regained affiliated status. As the second oldest surviving MG car club in North America, Montreal took a bit of a detour in the mid-60s as their club members got into racing, initially with TDs and MGAs, but then ventured into many other marques. After a few years (of treachery) they refound their roots, and with the now retired racers joining with the core of the club, re-enegised it and took it forward and today the club has around 80 members and 45 cars. They have regular meetings and outings, attend local car club events, and is host club of the Montreal BASH ( British Auto Scavenger Hunt) annually in August bringing together other clubs for a day of fun and frustration. With MMGCC club member cars including a good selection of MGAs, MGBs, a MG-TF with its original owner from new, and collection of TCs and TDs. In addition, their ‘racing division’ is newly reformed, loyal to the MG marque, and proudly racing the Morris Garages and Montreal MG Car Club logos at events around the North Eastern USA and Eastern Canada.

“It’s great to be back” , says Bill Smyth, Montreal MG Car Club President, “There’s nothing but benefit as we look beyond our fine city, and connect with other MG car communities around the world. Our shared love of these cars is what unites us”. For more information, visit their website at www.MMGCC.com . New members are warmly welcomed. 

With a climate not contusive to year-round driving of classic British cars, the Montreal MGs are all presently hibernating, or receiving those upgrades and fixes put off during the driving months.  After a crazy 2020, a less crazy 2021 cannot come soon enough!.