90th Anniversary

          The MG Car Club 90th Anniversary.

October 12th 2020 will mark the 90th anniversary of the founding of the MGCC. The club’s origins lie in an advert placed in the Light Car magazine suggesting the formation of a club for MG owners. The venue was the Roebuck Hotel, Broadwater, Stevenage, Hertfordshire in England which still exists. Over thirty cars and their drivers and passengers attended to the inaugural event and a club was quickly formed. The following year the first club dinner was held with Cecil Kimber as the guest speaker. In 1932 the first dinner-dance was held at the Café Royal in London where Sir William Morris, George Eyston, and Earl Howe were among the guests.

To celebrate the 90th year of the MG Car Club, we would like clubs to mark the occasion by organising a contribution to a world-wide event on the following lines:

  1. The celebratory event to be organised is a run or rally by every club, register and centre in both the UK and across the world.
  1. The date for the event will be Sunday 11th October, 2020.
  1. The run or rally should be as far as possible different from the usual runs put on by the club, register, or centre. One suggestion is that an approximate ‘octagonal’ route is devised. Another could be passing over a river on a bridge or a ferry. Essentially something which is different, acts as the focal-point for the run, and enables some memorable photos to be taken.
  1. Mid-day local time should be used as the start of the run, or the point at which an unusual feature is crossed, passed, seen etc. – the focal point.  In this way the event becomes a ‘whole day’ global event from New Zealand, Australia and Japan in the east, to Brazil, California and Hawaii in the west.
  • As far as possible local and national media should be alerted and used as a means of raising both the MGCC’s and the marque’s profiles.  Local media especially is often open to a prepared ‘feel good’ human interest story.
  • Consideration could also be given to video and photos being uploaded to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. which have a wide reach and enable comment and participation.
  • As we get closer to October 2020 I hope to provide more information on the founding meeting and those involved in getting the MGCC off the ground in 1930.

Peter Cook

MGCC, Overseas Director.


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Below is a brief rationale for the MGCC’s decision to start a year’s centenary celebrations in 2023.

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Peter Cook