October 2019

Owners name: Gary Hendon

Owners location: Burntwood, Staffordshire, GB

Model: Midget GAN6 1500cc 74 – 79

Engine size/type: 1500cc

Year of manufacture: 1975

Colour: Green/Yellow

How long owned: 11 Years

History of Car and any work or modifications carried out: Bought initially as a renovate while using project but soon realised it would have to be a ‘ground up’ rebuild if I was going to be happy with it. Decided to modify engine during rebuild. Stage 3 cylinder head, Newman high torque camshaft, duplex timing chain and gears, hardened crankshaft and polished con-rods, aluminium front pulley and lightened flywheel, all balanced and twin 40DCOE Weber set up. I have kept the transmission and rear axle standard at the moment although it deperately needs a fifth gear. Minilite alloy wheels and Cobra bucket seats. I have fitted an earlier dashboard with toggle switches and push button starter. Also fitted additional oil temperature gauge. Has been set up at Peter Burgess rolling road and produces 99.8 BHP at the wheels, which is about double the standard figure! Very pleased with that.

Nickname of Car: Jimmy