November 2021

Owners name: Anthony Buzzanca

Owners location: Staten Island, New York, USA

Model: Midget GAN5 r/w/arch 71 – 74

Engine size/type: 1275cc A-Series

Year of manufacture: 1968

Colour: British Racing Green

How long owned: 18 Years

History of Car and any work or modifications carried out: I purchased the car with 42,000 miles and, believe it or not, little to no rust, as it was always garage kept. Many components were tired and in need of updating (especially the paint). Some updates such as electronic ignition, polyurethane bushings, and stainless/tubeless wire wheels were worthwhile upgrades. It appears that the original Yellow Ocher interior was a one year only color which matches well with the new BRG (actually Volvo Classic Green #606) paint. The car has now traveled over 55,000 miles leaving us stranded not far from home only once due to a failed wire connection on the fuel pump (easy and fast fix once on a lift). It is a weekend cruiser that my son and I truly enjoy while also getting a lot of attention at shows as people recall owning one and the interesting things they did with them. At one point several years ago I was planning to sell it but my son insisted I didn’t as he wanted the car in the future so it will be remaining in the family.

Nickname of Car: None