November 2020

Owners name: Richard Jenner

Owners location: Highland, Scotland

Model: GAN6 1500cc 74 – 79

Engine size/type: 1500cc

Year of manufacture: 1978

Colour: Vermillion

How long owned: 3 Months

History of Car and any work or modifications carried out: XHR2T is mechanically fairly standard apart from a Bosal sports s/s exhaust. The last owner did a great job on the body work replacing both front wings and a sill and floor panel before doing a partial re-spray at home. I’ve been working through the mechanical side and have replaced the thermostat, starter motor, solenoid and heat shield. I’ve also replaced the indicator stalk and the horn is now on a button in the centre of the dash. Visually, the sills are body coloured and the number plate is above the rear bumper (fits because it’s 5 digits) otherwise it’s fairly standard. an unfitted mohair hood came with the car and I’ve achieved a 6/10 fit (but it doesn’t leak). Compared to my long term MGF, the driving experience is very different and I’m really enjoying, taking me back to my 1964 Midget Mk 2 I had as a 22 year old. I think the Midget 1500 is somewhat under-rated which means it was a bargain!

Nickname of car: None