March 2021

Owners name: David Halliday

Owners location: Princes Risborough, Bucks, GB

Model: Midget GAN4 Mk3 1275cc 66 – 69

Engine size/type: 1275cc A-Series

Year of manufacture: 1968

Colour: Indigo Blue

How long owned: 35 Years

History of Car and any work or modifications carried out: This car has been part of my life since university days, when it was daily transport up until I got a ’68 Chev Impala as my daily driver. It is an Australian manufactured car from a CKD kit. Apparently, they got up to 80% local content, including paint, which had a list of colours completely different to what came out of Abingdon, hence the Indigo Blue. The chassis number is GAN4 900 and in 1968 an alternator was standard equipment but a heater was not! A lot of maintenance and restoration work has been carried out over the 35 year of ownership. Nowdays it runs Frontline front suspension with a telescopic conversion on the back. The engine runs a modified head, a Piper 285 cam, a 45 DCOE Weber and a Mini Spares belt cam drive. It’s a really fun car to drive for a blast through the hills outside Melbourne.

Nickname of Car: None