June 2020

Owners name: Dave Day

Owners location: Great Dunmow, Essex, GB

Model: Midget GAN4 Mk3 1275cc 66 – 69

Engine size/type: 1275cc A Series

Year of manufacture: 1968

Colour: Mineral Blue

How long owned: 22 Years

History of Car and any work or modifications carried out: My Wife bought the Midget as a surprise for my 50th. birthday in May 1997. The car was a basket case when trailer delivered on the big day, but thankfully it was intact although requiring a full restoration, which took 3 years to complete. I was keen to maintain it’s originality where ever possible, despite being advised to use the car as a donor and purchase a new body shell. This I declined, and went ahead to rebuild the original engine, replace front / rear wings, inner /outer sills and door skins. I did revert to the pre 1968 colour for the engine, but retained the original mineral blue body colour. Having spent endless dedicated hours (summer and winter) in the garage, I eventually completed the restoration in the millennium year of 2000, hence the appropriate nickname “Millie”. However I’ve only managed to cover a little over 3,500 in the Midget during the 15 years since the car was completed, but hopefully I’ll be able to add a few more enjoyable Midget miles this summer.

Nickname of Car: Millie