February 2019

Owners name: David Hewitt

Owners location: North Yorkshire, GB

Model: Midget GAN6 1500cc 74 – 79

Engine size/type: 1500cc

Year of manufacture: 1979

Colour: Pageant Blue

How long owned: Since September 2017

History of Car and any work or modifications carried out: The car had been cleaned up and resprayed by the old chap I bought her off in Lincoln. I’ve fitted new carpets and wheels and quite a few other bits. I changed the number plate to a private one left to me by my Auntie. In July she had a gearbox problem, the engine had to come out to do the repairs, a new clutch was fitted in the process. I had previously owned a midget in the late 70’s when the MG bug bit me.

Nickname of Car: None