August 2020

Owners name: Andrew Hardie

Owners location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Model: Midget GAN5 r/w/a 71 – 74

Engine size/type: 1275cc A-Series

Year of manufacture: 1972

Colour: Red

How long owned: Since new- 48 Years

History of Car and any work or modifications carried out: I bought this car new in Edmonton Alberta in July of 1972. It was my daily driver for 16 years before being taken off the road for a “refresh”. It ended up in boxes for over two decades before a complete bare tub restoration was completed in 2006. I have put another 50,000 miles on the odo since then, and the car continues to give me as many “smiles per mile” as ever, while accumulating show awards around North America.

In addition to a mild cam and HS4 carbs, I have added a Motolita steering wheel, 14″ Minator wheels shod with 185/60×14 Pirelli’s, red piped zip out rear window top,  and a Datsun 5 speed gearbox.

Nickname of Car: none