European Event of the Year

The 2020 event in Germany had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus. Those who prefer event refunds will be compensated in full by the German club. Direct bookings with the nominated event hotels will also be refunded in full. Those who used third party companies to book will need to obtain their refund from those third parties. The German club informed us two days ago that around 10% of entrants were requesting refunds rather than reserved bookings for next year. Any spare places will be offered to those on this year’s waiting lists before general bookings are opened.

The northern Portuguese club kindly agreed to stand back from the 2021 event and let the German club run their cancelled event instead. The EEOTY in 2021 will therefore be the same event as originally planned.

For 2022 the event will be hosted by the Belgian club. The 2023 event will be hosted by our Danish club and will mark the start of the marque centenary year. The northern Portuguese club will host the 2024 EEOTY in May 2024 which will therefore take place towards the end of the centenary year. This event will benefit from lower temperatures and cheaper hotels. There will also be one non-driving day. The organising club is not the same as the other Portuguese club which organised the Porto event.

Peter Cook

MGCC, Overseas Director, 1/6/2020