Danish newsletter

One of the first newsletters of 2020 from the MGCC Danish Centre: MG Bladet, Nr.2, March 2020.


MGCC DC MG bladet 02-2020

EEOTY – 2021

The EEOTY 2021 is being held near Lisbon.  There are some differences with previous years which have been incorporated in order to take account of difficulties raised at previous events. The main difference is that the Lisbon event will take place in May and not the usual August. There is also one complete non-driving day. The precise details are yet to be revealed, but below you will find an update newsletter from the organisers.  Feel free to contact them, especially Isabel, as English is not an issue for them.

P.C. 13/2/20.



MG Marque Centenary

Below is a brief rationale for the MGCC’s decision to start a year’s centenary celebrations in 2023.

Microsoft Word – Summary of MG Centenary,final.docx

MGCC Denmark

The MGCC Denmark club are holding an event 5-7 June , 2020

Information follows:




Peter Cook

MGCC Danish Centre

The October 2019 magazine of our affiliated MGCC Danish Centre may be found below.


MGCC DC MG bladet 09-2019


MGCC Danish Centre

The Danish Centre club newsletters ‘MG Bladet’ for September and October 2019 may be found below.  PC


MGCC DC MG bladet 08-2019


MGCC DC MG bladet 09-2019 (3)



EEOTY 2021

Some preliminary information is available from the Portuguese club for their event in 2021.  A reminder, the event is in May instead of the usual August. It will be cooler and the hotels will be cheaper. There will be at least one non-driving day.

Peter Cook

MGCC – Overseas Director.




Pré-Programa EEOTY_2021 (1)

Antwerp club

The Antwerp affiliated club newsletter ‘MG Nieuws’ for  September may be found below.


72 – MG Nieuws jul – aug – sep 2019 for Web

EEOTY, 2020

Below you will find much information on next year’s European event. Any questions? Please contact the web address in the flyer.

Update – the event is fully subscribed and with a waiting list.

Peter Cook

MGCC – Overseas Director

2020_EEotY_Flyer_Download (1)


The Antwerp club newsletter.

The mid-2019 newsletter is attached. There is an interesting article on the Jaques Coune MGB.


72 – MG Nieuws jul – aug – sep 2019 for Web


Peter Cook