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Archived Race Reports 2014 to 2016

Oulton Park 17/09/16

Returning to Oulton Park after a two week gap, the Cockshoot Cup drivers were met with sunny skies and a dry track. The Championship would be decided in the race between Ross Makar and Jeremy Toes. After some late withdrawals, sixteen cars headed out for qualifying. Ian Winstanley was soon back in the pit lane with engine problems which caused him to withdraw from the meeting. This meant that Ray Collier was Class B Champion. Ross Makar and Gary Wetton resumed their duel with Ross’s ZR190 taking pole position from Gary’s similar car. On row two were Ashley Woodward’s ZS and David Coulthard’s ZR, these two racing to decide position three in Class C in the Championship. Quickest Class B runner was guest driver Sean Peters in the family MG Midget from Ray Collier. In Class A Jeremy Toes won the Midget dice from Ian Wright by a couple of tenths.

Lunch had barely been completed when the fifteen cars were called to the assembly area. Ross and Gary both made great getaways, but it was Ross who was first onto the Avenue. The two drivers circulated together for the entire twenty minutes with Gary unable to find a way through. The two kept reducing the lap record with Ross fastest on the final lap with a new lap record. A jubilant Ross Makar took the chequered flag to win the race and the Cockshoot Cup. David Coulthard slowed with overheating problems so Ashley Woodward came through to third place in the race and Class C. In Class B, Sean Peters came back from a bad start to win on the road. Ray Collier was second and best of the registered competitors with Helen Waddington and Maggie Maguire completing the class podium. Ian Wright held off Jeremy Toes in Class B in the early laps, but retired with clutch problems. Phil Yates and Gerry Windett drove well to take second and third in class. Adam Key won Class F and also lowered his own lap record despite a brake pad breaking up.

Oulton Park 03/09/16

After a week of sunny weather, a large area of rain sat over Oulton Park as the drivers in the Cockshoot Cup Championship competed in round 7. Twenty one drivers signed on, but alternator problems for Maddy Maguire meant that she missed qualifying. Ross Maker and Gary Wetton locked out the front row of the grid in their ZR 190s with Ray Collier (after a rain dance) leading Class B on the second row with Ashley Woodward’s ZS alongside. Phil Standish driving his MG TF LE 500 and Nick Ashman’s Class B ZR 170 made up row three. Fastest Class A runner was Ian Wright in his MG Midget with Adam Key the quickest in Class F. Class B front runner Ian Winstanley did not complete a lap with mechanical problems and would have to start on the back row of the grid.

The track was still very wet when the red light went out to start the race. Ross Makar made a good start to take the lead which he held throughout the twenty minute race. Ashley Woodward, Ray Collier and Gary Wetton were giving chase from just behind. Gary got up into second place as the more powerful cars passed Ray’s ZR 170. Phil Standish began to close on Ashley but spun out when challenging for third place, resulting in Ashley winning the third podium place. Ross, Gary and Ashley took the top three in Class C with David Coulthard just missing out after a trip along the chicane escape road. Ray Colllier finished fourth and so won Class B from Ian Winstanley who had a great drive through the field to get ahead of Nick Ashman. In Class A, Ian Wright took the first from Jeremy Toes and Phil Yates with Gerry Windett the only non-finisher after spinning out. Adam Key clinched Class F from our youngest driver Christopher Greenbank having his first ever race in the wet. Maddy Maguire won the driver of the race award finishing fourteenth with no qualifying and a back row start.

Anglesey Circuit 06/08/16 and 07/08/16

The annual Cockshoot Cup Championship outing to Anglesey Circuit took place over the weekend of 6th and 7th August with our hosts being the British Racing and Sports Car Club. The weekend stayed dry but strong winds slowed the cars on parts of the circuit. Seventeen drivers made the trip to Wales and took to the track for qualifying on Saturday morning. Quickest driver was Gary Wetton on his home track with Ross Makar taking up the rest of the front row both driving MG ZR 190s. On row two were the similar cars of Mike Ashcroft and David Coulthard, these drivers all being in Class C. The leader in Class B was the MG ZR 170 of Ian Winstanley with Keith Egar and Mike Peters slightly slower in their MG Midgets. Adam Key was the quickest of the MG Fs with Jeremy Toes ahead of Ian Wright in their MG Midgets in Class A. Ian Deaves MG F shed the cam belt and so he could not start the race.

When the red light went out to start the race on Saturday, Keith Egar made a demon start and almost took the lead. Gary Wetton and Ross Makar from the front row fell into line astern and stayed that way for the full race finishing just 1.352 seconds apart in that order. Mike Ashcroft converted his third on the grid to third in the race holding off David Coulthard who finished fourth. Keith Egar was reeled in by both Mike Peters and Ray Collier with Ian Winstanley heading into retirement with overheating problems. So Mike Peters won Class B from Ray Collier and Keith Egar. In Class A Jeremy Toes took a clear win from the Midgets of Phil Yates and Gerry Windett with Ian Wright posting a retirement with a broken differential in his MG Midget. Adam Key drove a strong race in his MG F taking a new lap record and having a great dice with Helen Waddington driving her MG ZR 170.

Ian Wright headed home to Doncaster and returned on Sunday with a repaired car, so all sixteen drivers took the start after lunch. This time, Ross Makar got the best start, and try as he might, Gary Wetton couldn’t take the lead. This time, the gap at the flag after fifteen laps was a tiny 0.486 seconds. Mike Ashcroft once again took third place from David Coulthard who got very close to Mike, but then lost time with a small off track excursion. In Class B, Keith Egar headed the pack but was passed by Mike Peters and Ray Collier, these three taking the podium positions. Ian Winstanley was getting close but again was forced into retirement. This time it was Jeremy Toes turn to break a differential resulting in a non-finish. Ian Wright celebrated by winning the Class in his repaired car. Gerry Windett took second with no other finishers in the Class. Adam Key lowered his new lap record.


Mallory Park 03/07/16

The MGCC race meeting on 3rd July provided the setting for the fourth round of the Cockshoot Cup Championship for 2016. After days of heavy rain and showers the track was dry from the start and remained so all day. These perfect conditions resulted in very fast times in qualifying and the race. Twenty drivers signed on and all lined up in the assembly area for the qualifying session. The times tumbled as the fifteen minutes progressed with Ross Makar in his MG ZR 190 securing pole position on his last lap. Ashley Woodward driving his MG ZS secured the other front row grid slot. Gary Wetton in his MG ZR 190 and Phil Standish’s MG TF LE500 were next quickest and made up row two. In the classes, Keith Egar driving his MG Midget and Ian Winstanley’s MG ZR 170 were best in Class B with Adam Key quickest in Class F and Jeremy Toes dominant in Class A.

After some mechanical work in the paddock, all twenty cars lined up on their grid spaces. When the lights went out, Phil Standish made an incredible start and burst through to lead the race from Ashley Woodward and the two ZR 190s of Gary Wetton and Ross Makar. Jonathan Harker in the second of the MG TF LE500s also got a good start and the opening laps saw these five contesting the places at the head of the race. As the tyres on the front wheel drive cars got warm, they got quicker. Phil Standish lost the lead, and then slipped back to fourth place after an incident at the hairpin. Ross Makar then got to the front and pulled clear to win. Ashley Woodward won his battle with Gary Wetton to take second place with Phil Standish finishing fourth ahead of Jonathan Harker. Sixth in the race was Ian Winstanley who won Class B after passing Keith Egar. Ray Collier took third in class after a lunchtime engine rebuild. Adam Key and Ian Deaves fought hard over Class F with Adam winning by a slim margin of four seconds. Jeremy Toes was the only Class A finisher.

New lap records were set by Ian Winstanley, Jeremy Toes and Adam Key.

Silverstone MG Live 05/06/16

Unseasonably cold and murky weather greeted the Cockshoot Cup Championship drivers as they headed out for qualifying onto the Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit. Twenty six drivers took to the track, but most of the session was behind the safety car because of the poor visibility. The cars were finally released with a short time to set their grid positions. Gary Wetton grabbed pole position in his MG ZR 190 with the MG TF LE500 of Phil Standish alongside. The second row was made up of Ross Makar driving another MG ZR 190 and Ashley Woodward aboard his MG ZS. Quickest class B runner was Ian Winstanley’s MG ZR 170 from Ray Collier’s similar car. Jeremy Toes headed Class A and Adam Key was the quickest in Class F which had a healthy five car turnout.

Conditions were much better for the first race, round two of the Championship. This race shared track space with another MGCC group of of cars. Phil Standish got the best start and took an initial lead. Before too long he had to yield to the two ZR 190s of Ross Makar and Gary Wetton and then a broken clutch release bearing resulted in retirement. Behind the battling ZRs, Jason Simm drove his MG ZS into third place, but then slowed which enabled Ashley Woodward’s similar car to take third in the race and Class C. At the front, the win was taken by Gary finishing a couple of seconds in front of Ross. Ian Winstanley dominated Class B, with Keith Egar in his MG Midget just holding off Ray Collier. Class A was won by Jeremy Toes who held off a hard charging Ian Wright with Phil Yates finishing third. The MGFs of Adam Key and Ian Deaves raced hard and closely throughout the race with Adam coming out on top. David Koskella took third place in the class.

A frantic couple of hours was available to the teams to get their cars ready for race two, round three of the Championship. Phil Standish’s car was fitted with new parts and David Coulthard’s MG ZR190 had a new head gasket fitted enabling them to take the start. Twenty two cars accelerated into Copse when the red light went out. Sadly Phil Standish’s repaired car now had a gear box problem and he retired to the pits. At the head of the race, there was a great dice between Ross Makar and Gary Wetton. The two MG ZR190s circulated as if tied together with a short rope, the lead changed several times, but at the end of twenty minutes it was Ross that took the victory by 0.669 seconds. Ashley Woodward drove a steady race into third place from Jonathan Harker’s MG TF LE500 which was performing much better than previously. Ian Winstanley  dominated Class B for two thirds of the race. He was then passed by Ray Collier who suffered a mechanical problem which enabled Ian to win again. Keith Egar secured second in class with Mike Peters taking third in his MG Midget. Jeremy Toes again clinched the Class A victory, this time with Phil Yates second and Gerry Windett third. Adam Key took another good Class F victory from Ian Deaves with Christopher Greenbank finishing third.

Ross Makar and Jeremy Toes set new lap records and Adam Key improved on the record which he held already.

The Tim Forward Trophies for best performances over the two races were won by  Garry Wetton, Ian Winstanley, Jeremy Toes and Adam Key

Donnington Park 03/04/16

Spring sunshine and a drying track greeted the Cockshoot Cup Championship competitors as they took to the track for qualifying for round one of the 2016 Championship. Twenty three drivers signed on, but mechanical issues for Helen Waddington and Jonathan Harker confined them to the pit garages. Jason Simm, the 2014 champion, returned to the Cockshoot in his V6 engined MG ZS and grabbed the quickest time early in the session. The safety car was then deployed after James Johnson’s car executed a slow roll into the gravel bed. When timed laps resumed, Gary Wetton improved his time in his MG ZR190 to take the other front row grid place. The second row was secured by Philip Standish driving his MG TF LE500 and Ashley Woodward in another ZS. Quickest Class B runner was David Morrison in his MG Midget from Ray Collier’s MG ZR 170. In Class F Adam Key was just ahead of Ian Deaves and in Class A, Ian Wright was quickest after defending champion Jeremy Toes had mechanical problems. Both Helen and Jonathan were able to qualify “out of session” and join the back of the grid.

In mid-afternoon the superbly prepared and colourful grid formed up for the twenty minute race. Sadly Jonathan Harker did not make the starting grid in his MG TF LE500 and James Johnson’s car was not repairable at the circuit. Jason Simm’s car did not get away cleanly, but a rocket start from Philip Standish saw the orange TF take the lead into Redgate. Gary Wetton and Ashley Woodward were squabbling over third and fourth places as the field flew down the Craner curves. It wasn’t long before Jason overtook Philip to take the race lead which he held to the end. The safety car then made an appearance whilst Andrew Wheals MGF was pulled out of a gravel trap. Racing resumed with around eleven minutes left. Ashley Woodward’s challenge faded as he retired to the pits leaving Gary Wetton and Philip Standish disputing second and third places with that being the finishing order. In Class B, David Morrison secured the win from Ray Collier who passed several Midgets on his way to second. Third place was claimed by Bill Kirkpatrick with Keith Egar fourth. In Class F, Adam Key beat Ian Deaves after a race long battle and Class A victor was Jeremy Toes from Phil Yates.

Jason Simm and Adam Key both bettered their own lap records.

Mallory Park 30/03/15

The Cockshoot Cup Championship returned to Mallory Park for the first race of the 2015 season. The weather forecast of squally winds and rain proved to be accurate. Twenty seven drivers ventured out for the qualifying session. Track conditions were at their best at the start and Paul Clackett driving his four cylinder powered MG ZS put in an early good lap to take pole position. Joining him on the front row was Ashley Woodward in his MG ZS. Quickest of the Class B drivers was Ian Winstanley grabbing third in his ZR 170. Peter Burchill in his ZS took the fourth spot. More traditional MGs made up row three with David Morrison in his Midget taking fifth spot and Peter Bramble’s MGB clinching sixth. Fastest Class A runner was Ian Wright in nineteenth.

The track was still damp as twenty five cars formed up on the grid. Sadly, Jonathan Harker in the MGTF LE 500 and Nigel Barker’s Midget were non-starters. Paul Clackett made a great start from pole position and drove a superb race to win and collect maximum points in Class C. Ian Winstanley held second place in the early laps, but he was unable to avoid the spinning Midget of Colin Offley and was forced into retirement. Second place then became a dice between Peter Bramble’s MGB and Phil Standish driving his MGTF LE500. Phil got the better of Peter, but both were passed by a flying Peter Burchill in his MG ZS. So Peter Burchill was second in the race and Class C with Phil taking the final podium position. Meanwhile, Nick Ashman moved into the lead of Class B and secured the win. Second in Class was David Morrison and third Keith Egar having an excellent race in his Midget. Helen Waddington was fourth in Class B and secured tenth place in her ZR 170. Ian Wright was the Class A leader until a mechanical problem resulted in retirement. Jeremy Toes in his Midget passed Andrew Wolf and had passed Ian before he retired taking the Class A victory. Ian Staines driving his Midget took second with Andrew Wolf completing the podium. Adam Key, driving the only Class F car finished a fine eighth in the race.

Donington Park 31/05/15

The wet weather followed the Cockshoot Cup from Mallory Park to round two at Donington Park. Twenty eight drivers set sail on a track more suited to power boat racing for qualifying. The front wheel drive cars were the quickest and with the track getting even wetter, the quickest times were set early in the session. Pole position was secured by Ashley Woodward driving his MG ZS from Gary Wetton out for the first time in his new ZR 190. Third was the quickest Class B runner, Ian Winstanley in his ZR170. Next up was Mallory victor Paul Clackett in his ZS followed by Howard Hunt’s ZS and Phil Standish’s TF LE500. Quickest Class A driver was Ian Wright in seventeenth place with Ian Staines second in twentieth. All drivers qualified, but Gerry Windett was unable to start.

The rain cleared and the track had dried for the race. A demon start by Phil Standish saw him briefly taking the lead, but at the end of lap one it was pole sitter Ashley Woodward who headed the field. The quicker cars were moving through the field when Howard Hunt’s car was stranded leading to a safety car period. This negated the five second lead that Ashley had built up. Ian Whitt had a great start and was well up the field, but sadly retired his Midget to the pits. When the safety car pulled in, Ashley pulled away again, but was under pressure from Gary Wetton and David Morrison in his red Midget. A brief off track moment saw Ashley drop to third with Gary taking the lead and winning the race from David Morrison. Third in Class C after Gary and Ashley was Phil Standish with Peter Bramble, Simon Lowery, who drove a storming race after ending up last on the first lap, and David Coulthard following closely. David Morrison clinched Class B from Ian Winstanley and Ray Collier having his first outing in a ZR170. Class A was lead initially by Ian Wright, but he was passed by Jeremy Toes who won the Class and Andrew Wolf and Ian Staines who took the remaining podium positions.

Silverstone 20/06/15 and 21/06/15

Picture by Dickon Siddall

Rain is following the Cockshoot Cup around in 2015. Qualification for the two races at MG Live took place on Saturday morning on a wet track. The fastest time would determine the grid for the Saturday race with the second fastest sorting the positions for Sunday. The Cockshoot cars were sharing the track with the PBIC cars with the races to be started on a split grid. Paul Clackett driving his 4 cylinder powered MG ZS was quickest for much of the session, but a demon lap just before the flag by Gary Wetton, put the ZR 190 on pole position. Ashley Woodward and Simon Lowery in their V6 ZSs were next up followed by quickest Class B runner Ian Winstanley in his ZR 170. Ray Collier in his similar car was second quickest in the class. Ian Wright secured Class A pole from Ian Staines and Andrew Wolf in the battle of the Midgets. There were four Class F entries with Adam Key being quickest. All thirty two drivers qualified demonstrating their considerable skill in the poor conditions.

There was no improvement on Saturday when race time arrived, so it was wet weather tyres for all the drivers. When the red light went out, the engine in Paul Clackett’s car blew apart, with the car moving to the side of the circuit. Ashley Woodward got the best start and took the lead through Copse for the first time, the massive field of cars making an awesome sight. Gary Wetton was pursuing Ashley and managed to pass him to take a lead which he held to the flag. Ashley secured second place from Phil Standish who put on a superb display of driving in the orange MG TF LE500. Phil was actually second on the track but was given a post race time penalty. Next up were Simon Lowery and Howard Hunt in their ZSs. Just behind Howard there was a great scrap for Class B victory between Ian Winstanley and Ray Collier. Ray got ahead of Ian, but couldn’t hold onto the place with Ian fighting back to take the class win. Third in class was Nick Ashman in his ZR 170. In Class A Ian Wright took the lead, but was then involved in a spin with Peter Bramble’s MGB. Jeremy Toes who was close behind had to spin his Midget to avoid contact before continuing. This let Ian Staines through to take the class win from a recovering Ian Wright. Ian Whitt was third in class driving Carl Chadwick’s car rather than his own car. Jeremy Toes recovered to finish fourth. Adam Key beat David Koskela in Class F. There were four lady drivers in the race and first across the line was Julia Penfold from Helen Waddington and Maddy Maguire all driving ZR 170s.

Sunday dawned dry and stayed that way so all the cars were adjusted to harder dry weather settings and the dry weather tyres bolted on. Gary Wetton got a great start in the ZR 190 and was never headed during the twenty minute race taking the victory and eleven Class C points. Phil Standish rocketed away in the MG TF LE 500 with Ashley Woodward behind. As they reached The Loop corner, Phil spun his car hitting Ashley’s ZS as he slid back across the circuit. The impact damaged the ZS and, with the tyre rubbing on the bodywork, Ashley was forced to pit to make repairs. Jonathan Harker driving another MG TF LE 500 moved into second place pursued by Howard Hunt in his ZS. Howard found a way past Jonathan and the two white cars circulated in formation until Jonathan had a spin and retired from the race. Up to third came Simon Lowery in his ZS. The race finishing with Gary Wetton, Howard Hunt and Simon Lowery on the podium in the race and the class. Ian Winstanley and Ray Collier resumed their fight for Class B honours, but David Morrison in his Midget was recovering from problems earlier in the weekend and swept past the two ZRs to win Class B and driver of the race. In Class A Jeremy Toes and Ian Staines spent the whole twenty minutes dicing with each other. Ian had the class lead, but a great move by Jeremy onto the Wellington Straight on the last lap secured the class win. Andy Wolf was third in class making up for a non finish on Saturday after a trip into the gravel. Adam Key celebrated a second win of the weekend in Class F with David Koskela second again. Best of the ladies was Julia Penfold who beat Helen Waddington by four seconds.

The Tim Forward Trophies for the best aggregate performances over the weekend were won by Ian Staines (Class A), Ian Winstanley (Class B) and Gary Wetton (Class C).

Anglesey 08/08/15 and 09/08/15

Glorious summer sunshine greeted the Cockshoot Cup drivers who arrived at Anglesey Circuit to compete on the Coastal Circuit. Seventeen cars took to the track for qualifying with Silverstone winner Gary Wetton grabbing pole position for both races. Howard Hunt driving his V6 ZS got close, but had to be content with second and the front row. Phil Standish was the third Class C driver with David Morrison putting the Midget alongside him to be quickest Class B runner. Further back, Ian Staines secured the Class A pole from Jeremy Toes. Ian Wright had an engine problem which could be rectified, but Keith Egar was not able to repair his engine and so became a non starter.

Conditions were perfect for the first race of the weekend. David Morrison got a brilliant start, grabbing the inside line at the first corner to lead the race. He was soon passed on power by Gary Wetton who went on to take the race win in his ZR190. Howard Hunt moved into second place but couldn’t catch Gary, the gap at the flag being just under five seconds. David Morrison and Mike Ashcroft driving his ZR 190 had a race long battle swopping places frequently which concluded with David winning Class B and taking third in the race. Mike had third in Class C as his reward. Ian Winstanley held off Ray Collier, the pair taking second and third places in Class B in their ZR 170s. In Class A, Ian Staines held on to the lead for more than half the race keeping Jeremy Toes behind him, but Jeremy made a decisive move to take the win. These two were the only finishers as Andrew Speight and Ian Wright both retired with transmission problems.

Sunday morning dawned damp and windy with a brief rain shower falling before the Cockshoot Cup race. All the drivers except Howard Hunt decided on dry weather tyres, but some had softened their suspension settings. Phil Standish got the perfect start in the TF LE500, but his lead was soon taken by Gary Wetton who pulled out a ten second lead on his nearest rival, this being Mike Ashcroft. Mike set about reducing the gap and as Gary ran into tyre problems, Mike could see victory as a possibility. At the flag Gary took the win by less than one second. David Morrison finished in third place and again won Class B. Behind David there was a great scrap between Howard Hunt and David Coulthard in the F Cup Car. The two made contact at the Corkscrew with David spinning out causing Ray Collier to take avoiding action. David resumed and started to fly, setting the fastest lap of the race to finish fourth and third in Class C. Ray recovered to be second in class B. Ian Winstanley’s ZR expired mid race so Julia Penfold took third in class. Meanwhile, with his car now running well, Ian Wright joined in the Toes/Staines dice. Ian Staines was ahead at first, but lost out to Ian Wright and Jeremy. As they exited the hairpin there was contact which put Ian S back into the lead. Ian W had to settle for third with Jeremy once again chasing down Ian S. On the very last lap, he made the pass and crossed the line as class winner.

David Morrison and Jeremy Toes set new Class lap records.

Oulton Park 12/09/15

Twenty six Cockshoot Cup drivers took to the track for qualifying for round seven of the 2015 Championship. The track was wet and low cloud hung over the circuit. Gary Wetton in his MG ZR190 looked likely to grab pole position, but a superb lap at the very end of the session by Ray Collier in his Class B MG ZR170 beat Gary. On the second row, Ashley Woodward was just ahead of Howard Hunt in the battle of the MG ZS V6 powered cars. Nick Ashman and Julia Penfold were the second and third quickest Class B cars with Class leader David Morrison in ninth. In Class A, pole went to Ian Staines from Ian Wright and Andrew Wolf. Championship leader Jeremy Toes had to pit after one lap with overheating problems and would have to start at the back of the grid.

By four o’clock track conditions were perfect and the sun was out as the massive train of cars circulated on the green flag lap. When the red light went out, a demon start from Phil Standish in the MGF LE500 put him into an early lead, but Gary Wetton soon eased past into first place which he would go on to hold for the whole race. Phil was also passed by Ashley Woodward who ran second, but slipped back to fifth. Howard Hunt recovered from being swamped at the start and gained second which he held to the line. Meanwhile, David Morrison had forced his Midget into the top three, but a mechanical issue saw him slipping back through the field. Ashley caught Phil and they battled to the end of the race with Phil taking third in the race and Class C. Sadly David Coulthard in the MGF Cup Car and Paul Clackett’s ZS were early retirements. With David Morrison losing ground, the Class B struggle was between the MG Midget driven by Carl Chadwick and pole sitter Ray Collier in the ZR170. They diced together through the whole race with Carl getting his first ever Cockshoot Class win. Third place in Class B was also close with Julia Penfold holding off Nick Ashman, both in MG ZR170s, for the whole race. Julia was awarded driver of the race for her achievement. David Morrison kept the car going but had to settle for fifth in Class B with Helen Waddington just behind in sixth.

In Class A, Jeremy Toes overtook about ten cars in the first lap. He then passed Andrew Wolf for second in Class and set out after Ian Staines. An on track incident lost Jeremy a lot of ground, but he came through the field again. The expected dice with Ian Staines was not to happen as Ian joined Ian Wright in retirement from the Class A contingent. Andrew Wolf secured second in Class A from Andrew Speight third and Richard Saxton fourth. Volker Eickmeyer was the only Class F starter and safely finished the race. Jeremy Toes broke his own lap record.

Croft 26/09/15 and 27/09/15

The Darlington and District Motor Club Battle of Britain Meeting at Croft Circuit provided the venue for the two final rounds of the Cockshoot Cup for 2015. A brilliant mix of car and bike racing was on the bill which kept everybody entertained. The weekend was destined to remain dry. Twenty one drivers took to the circuit for qualifying. Initial pace-setter was David Morrison in his Class B Midget, but he was stranded on the track after four laps with a broken halfshaft, although his time was good enough for fourth on the grid. Howard Hunt driving his MG ZS grabbed pole position from Gary Wetton in his ZR 190 and Philip Standish piloting the MG TF LE500. Guest driver Bill Kirkpatrick was second fastest in Class B in his Midget. Jeremy Toes was the quickest Class A runner followed by Ian Wright and Ian Staines. Class F was up to three entries and Adam Key proved to be quickest. Back in the paddock, David Morrison’s car was quickly repaired, but all was not well inside Gary Wetton’s K series 190 engine. A lift of the cylinder head revealed internal damage and the team guided by Dan Surridge set to work. An engine was located in a breakers yard and Gary set off to collect it. Meanwhile, the existing engine was removed and when Gary returned, parts of the original engine were attached to the new arrival and everything was back into the car in time for the race.

Twenty cars lines up for the first race, Gerry Windett being a non-starter, which was destined to be very short. David Morrison and Philip Standish both got superb starts from the second row, but a collision between Andrew Wolf and Simon Lowery blocked the track and the red flag was thrown stopping the race. The cars were lined up on the grid again in the original order and when the red light went out again, David and Philip both got great starts again and were ahead of the pack. Phil Standish then drove a superb race to take his first Cockshoot Cup victory. Howard Hunt got quicker as the race went on and passed David Morrison to take second in the race and Class C. David finished third on the road and first in Class B. Ashley Woodward was next up clinching third in Class C from Gary Wetton with the repaired engine running well. Second in Class B was guest Bill Kirkpatrick so second and third class points were won by Julia Penfold and Helen Waddington in their MG ZR 170s. Jeremy Toes needed to win his Class to get closer to the Cockshoot Cup Championship. He achieved the Class A win after dicing with Ian Staines and Ian Wright who finished second and third. Andrew Speight was in contention, but suffered a rear brake fire and was forced to retire. Adam Key won class F from Volker Eickmeyer. New lap records were set by David Morrison, Jeremy Toes and Adam Key.

More repairs ensured that nineteen drivers were gridded for race two. Simon Lowery’s car was fitted with a new suspension arm ferried from the Midlands, Ian Wright fitted a new clutch, and Ian Staines and Andrew Speight modified their rear brakes. Once again David Morrison and Phil Standish got great starts, but Bill Kirkpatrick also flew away from the start. The two Midgets were ahead of the field, but Phil Standish got by both of them to take the lead. Howard Hunt slipped down the field after contact and several other cars had damage. Half way through the twenty minutes, Adam Key lost control of his MG F and made contact with the barriers and the race was stopped. The cars were lined up in the order in which they were running for a restart over five laps. Instead of taking up his grid position, Phil Standish headed into the pit lane where a broken piece of throttle pedal was removed. This would mean that he would have to start from the pit lane at the back of the field. David Morrison got a clean start and took the race win and Class B. Incredibly Garry Wetton’s “scrap yard” engine took him to second and the Class C win. Bill Kirkpatrick was third on the road from Ashley Woodward and Phil Standish. Phil made rapid progress through the field but slipped back again after a spin and finally overtook David Coulthard at the last corner where DC had his own spin. Second and third points scorers in Class B were James Johnson and Julia Penfold. In Class A, Ian Staines was victorious from Ian Wright and Jeremy Toes. Class F was won by Volker Eickmeyer from Margaret Farquhar.

The Malimson Trophy for best performance in Class C was won by Phil Standish, the Genesis Trophy by David Morrison and the Entune Trophy was awarded to Ian Staines.

Gary Wetton and Jeremy Toes ended the season both scoring a maximum seventy seven points from their best seven races. They had an equal score from their eighth race and so the Cockshoot Cup was awarded on the ninth race score with Jeremy Toes being declared the Champion Driver. Gary won Class C from Phil Standish and Howard Hunt. Class B victor was David Morrison with Ray Collier second and Julia Penfold third. Jeremy Toes triumphed in Class A with Ian Staines runner up and Andrew Speight third. In Class F Volcker Eickmeyer took the win from Adam Key.



Silverstone 29/03/14

Twenty four drivers arrived at a sunny Silverstone for the first round of the 2014 Championship. The cars had not raced on the Club Circuit for many years so the layout was new to nearly all the drivers.  Qualifying started at 10.05 for fifteen minutes and all the drivers were able to complete the session. Pole position was set by Jason Simm on lap 10 in his MG ZS with David Coulthard debuting his MGF Cup Car just a few tenths behind. The leading Class B cars occupied row two with David Morrison and Mike Peters back in their Midgets. Jeremy Toes headed the Class A runners from Andy Wolf and Steve McKie. At the back, Maddy Maguire completed her first ever qualifying session.

When the red lights went out, David Coulthard got the jump on Jason Simm, but the ZS soon got past and was never headed winning by nearly 20 seconds and setting fastest lap. David Coulthard had a good run to second place with Paul Clackett bringing his four cylinder powered ZS into third in the race and Class C. Both of the leading Class B Midgets failed to finish with David Morrison having bodywork problems and Mike Peters electrical issues. Into seven place came the Class B winner Ian Winstanley in his ZR160. Second in Class B was Keith Egar in his Midget followed by Pete Bramble driving another ZR160. Fastest lap went to Mike Peters set on lap 3.

In Class A, Andy Wolf took the lead from the start but he was caught by Jeremy Toes who went on to take the Class win from Ian Wright who recovered from a troubled qualifying. Andy Wolf ended up third in Class from Steve McKie in fourth.

New lap records were set by Jason Simm, Mike Peters, Jeremy Toes and Adam Key.

Croft 11/05/2014

Twenty four drivers signed on at Croft for rounds two and three of the Cockshoot Cup Championship for 2014. Driving rain ceased just before the qualification session began, but the track was still very wet with standing water at some of the circuit’s corners. All the drivers used their wet weather tyres. Pole position was set early in the session by Paul Clackett in his four cylinder powered MG ZS. Simon Lowery completed the front row driving the six cylinder MG ZS. On the second row were Silverstone victor Jason Simm and fastest Class B runner Ian Winstanley in his ZR 160. Quickest Class A runner was Andy Wolf in fourteenth spot, two places ahead of Ian Wright. All the cars finished the session safely.

The track had dried out for the start of round two, but rain was in the air and the track got damper with each lap through the twenty minute race. Simon Lowery got the best start and took the lead from Paul Clackett and Jason Simm. Simm closed on the two drivers in front, passed them, and went on to win the race. Paul and Simon made up the rest of the podium, the three being the top scorers in Class C. Meanwhile, Dave Morrison was on a charge, passing Ian Winstanley and for a short time holding third in the race. He settled for fourth and a Class B win from Ian. Third in Class on the road, but ineligible for points, was John Hewitt subbing for Mike Peters, so the points for third were won by Nick Ashman having his first race in a ZR 160. Andy Wolf took the lead in Class A, but all eyes were on Jeremy Toes who was charging through the field from the back row of the grid. At two thirds distance he caught Andy, but went too fast into Clervaux Corner and ended in the gravel trap. Andy also spun, but continued in the lead. Ian Wright suffered a delaying incident early in the race but got back to finish second in Class from Steve McKie who took third. Unfortunately, Steve’s gearbox failed at the end of the race so he would be unable to start round three.

Twenty two cars were able to start round three. Howard Hunt’s MG ZS was too badly damaged to race, but a massive effort resulted in Helen Waddington’s MG ZR160 being repaired and able to take the start. This time the track was almost completely dry with the lap times being at least five seconds quicker. Simon Lowery again got the best start and took the lead from Paul Clackett and Jason Simm, but the fastest man on the circuit was David Morrison in the red Midget. Simon slipped back behind Paul and Jason and then Jason took the lead from Paul. It was clear that David wanted to win the race this time, he passed Paul and then drew alongside the leader Jason at the hairpin. David nipped through into the lead with Jason going on to the very wet grass. By the time that he had regained the track, Paul was through to take second place and win Class C. David Coulthard drove the MGF Cup Car into fourth place after a good dice with Ashley Woodward in the MG ZS. Ian Winstanley drove another good race to take second in Class B. Third in Class B eventually went to Pete Bramble in his MG ZR 160 after Ian Whitt retired to the pits with a windscreen covered in mud and John Hewitt lost his Midget’s gears. This time, Jeremy Toes safely fought his way through the field to win Class A from Ian Wright and Andy Wolf who gained another podium finish. Adam Key, in the only Class F car present, drove two superb races to finish seventh twice.

The Championship leader is now Jason Simm, who also leads Class C. Class B is headed by Ian Winstanley and Andy Wolf and Ian Wright are joint Class A leaders. Rounds four and five of the Championship are on the Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit at MG90 on June 21st and 22nd.

Silverstone 21st and 22nd June

The thrill of racing on the Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit attracted 31 Cockshoot Cup drivers to sign on at MG90. Sunny skies were promised for the weekend, so the rain tyres could be packed away. The track was to be shared with the Peter Best Insurance Cup, all the cars being out on the circuit for qualifying and then racing from two grids with the Peter Best cars starting a minute after the Cockshoot drivers.

The qualification session was interrupted by a period behind the safety car. Paul Clackett driving his 4 cylinder MG ZS grabbed pole position from David Morrison’s Class B Midget. Championship leader Jason Simm ended up on the second row alongside Simon Lowery with the third V6 ZS of Ashley Woodward on row three. Garry Wetton made his seasonal debut in his MGTF LE 500 and secured a spot on row three. Fastest of the MGFs was Adam Key and quickest Class A runner was Jeremy Toes.

Saturday’s race was the final event of the day and all 31 cars assembled in warm conditions. A great start from Gary Wetton secured him the race lead at the start as others had to take avoiding action. It was soon clear, however, that Jason Simm and Paul Clackett were the class of the field. They had a race long scrap with Paul leading for a while and then Jason grabbing the lead back to win by less than a second. Gary Wetton held on to third in the race and Class C. Dave Morrison was dicing with the ZSs, but got nudged into a spin. He recovered to take 5th in the race and Class B. Ian Winstanley in his ZR took 8th in the race and second in Class B with third in Class going to Nick Ashman in his ZR. Adam Key wrapped up Class F with some very quick laps from David Koskella. Class A was dominated by Jeremy Toes in his MG Midget with Ian Wright finishing second again. Andy Wolf held third, but a mechanical problem caused him to retire with Steve Mckie then taking third in the Class.

Conditions were still perfect for the second race on Sunday afternoon. Jason and Paul resumed their battle at the front of the race, but sadly, Paul’s car stopped with electrical problems on the final lap. So Jason took his second win of the weekend. Ashley Woodward had a race long dice with Gary Wetton which ended with Gary taking third in the race from Ashley. Dave Morrison once again won Class B from Ian Winstanley. Third place in Class B was decided after a race long duel between the MG Midget of Keith Egar and Pete Bramble’s ZR with Keith just taking the podium slot. Adam Key won Class F again. In Class A Jeremy Toes became a double winner as well. Ian Wright was unable to start the race and Steve McKie dropped out with mechanical woes. Second in Class A was secured by Carl Chadwick after a super scrap with Andrew Speight who finished third in Class.

New lap records were set by Jason Simm, David Morrison, Ian Wright and Adam Key.

With two rounds remaining, Jason Simm still leads the Championship from Ian Winstanley, Dave Morrison and Jeremy Toes. The Championship resumes at the superb Donington Park Circuit on August 3rd.

Donington Park 3rd August

Sunny skies and perfect track conditions greeted the Cockshoot Cup drivers to Donington Park for round six of the Championship. Twenty five drivers signed on and headed out onto the circuit for qualifying. Gerry Windett had joined the Championship and was to experience his first ever on track experience. Championship leader Jason Simm driving his MG ZS grabbed pole position with the Midget of David Morrison alongside him on the front row. Paul Clackett and Simon Lowery were next up in their ZSs with Sean Peters, having his first race for two years, and Ashley Woodward on row three. Adam Key was fastest of the Class F runners and Ian Wright headed Class A.

When the red lights went out, David Morrison made the best start and took the lead through Redgate. Paul Clackett and Ashley Woodward got ahead of Jason Simm with the rest of the pack all getting safely around the first lap. Jason soon exploited the speed of the ZS to take the lead and hold it to the end despite being stuck in fourth gear for the last few laps. Meanwhile, Sean Peters was having a great race and passed Ashley Woodward, Simon Lowery and David Morrison to take third place in the race and win Class B. Towards the end Sean almost caught Paul Clackett for second, but ran out of time. Dave managed to hang on to second in Class B ahead of Ian Winstanley in his MG ZR although he was passed by the hard charging Class C MG F of David Coulthard.

Adam Key took another dominant win in Class F. In Class A, Ian Wright converted his qualifying pole into a handy lead. Jeremy Toes had a poor first lap and set out to catch Ian which he managed with a few minutes left in the race. Sadly, Ian then retired from the race. Steve McKie’s Midget then took second in Class with Carl Chadwick third after a close race with Andrew Speight.

Jason Simm won the Malimson Trophy for winning the race with Sean Peters being awarded the Genesis Trophy for Class B and Jeremy Toes the Entune Garage Trophy for Class A.

The fastest laps were set by Jason Simm, Sean Peters, Jeremy Toes and Adam Key who all set new lap records in perfect conditions.

The final round of the Championship is at Oulton Park on September 6th with Jason Simm now favourite to win the Cockshoot Cup.

Oulton Park 6th September

The superb Oulton Park International Circuit was in prime condition for the final round of the 2014 Championship. The track stayed dry all day as twenty seven drivers signed on and headed out for qualifying. Ian Wright’s day was over without a completed lap as the crankshaft snapped in his Midget engine. Then a tyre was dislodged onto the road leading to the safety car appearing. The track was cleared, but with only a few minutes remaining and several yellow flags waving, nobody got a good clear lap. This didn’t stop Jason Simm claiming pole position in his MG ZS in a time very close to the lap record. Alongside Jason on the front row was Sean Peters in the leading Class B Midget with the Midget of Dave Morrison and the ZS of Paul Clackett making up row two. Quickest Class A runner was Jeremy Toes with Steve McKie second. Adam Key had a mechanical problem so Volker Eickmeyer was quickest MGF.

Jason had to win his class to be certain of becoming Champion and got a superb start from pole and was never headed. He also set the fastest time of 1.59.937 breaking the lap record which had stood since 2006. Sean Peters drove a superb race to take second on the road and win Class B. Initially he had Dave Morrison for company, but the red ZS of Paul Clackett passed the red Midget, these two taking second in their respective classes. The race for fifth, sixth and seventh was superb with the three ZSs of Simon Lowery, Howard Hunt and Ashley Woodward glued together all through the race. They finished in that order with the next driver along being Ian Winstanley who secured third in Class B.

Jeremy Toes tied up Class A and also set a new lap record. Steve McKie did not finish the race so the Class podium was completed by Andy Wolf and Andrew Speight. Adam Key had to start from the back of the grid, but sliced through the field to win Class F.

Jason Simm, Sean Peters and Jeremy Toes won the Vicky Peters Trophies.

When the sums were completed, Jason Simm was declared Cockshoot Champion on the count back to the seventh score with Jeremy Toes runner up, both drivers having scored the maximum 66 from six races. Jason is also the Class C Champion with Paul Clackett taking second from Simon Lowery. Defending Champion Dave Morrison is the victor in Class B from Ian Winstanley and Peter Bramble whose consistent driving gave him third. Jeremy Toes has the consolation of being Class A Champion with Andrew Speight the runner up and joint third place winners Ian Wright and Andrew Wolf.