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The qualifying times and race results from 1984 to 2010 have been scanned and are available on request from Paul Goodman.

Past Champions

2022 David Morrison, Karl Green, Rhys Higginbotham, Chris Greenbank

2021 Brian Butler, Ray Collier, Mike Peters, Paul Wignall

2020 Brian Butler, Keith Egar, Mark Bellamy, Paul Wignall

2019 Paul Clackett, Brian Butler, Ian Wright, Colin Stubbs

2018 Ray Collier, Christopher Greenbank, Ian Wright, Mark Bellamy

2017 Brian Butler, Ian Wright, Mike Peters, Ashley Woodward

2016 Ross Makar, Jeremy Toes, Ray Collier, Adam Key

2015 Jeremy Toes, Gary Wetton, David Morrison, Volker Eickmeyer

2014 Jason Simm, David Morrison, Jeremy Toes, Adam Key

2013 David Morrison, David Coulthard, Ian Wright, Adam Key

2012 David Coulthard, Mike Peters, Jeremy Toes

2011 Mike Peters, David Coulthard, Ian Wright

2010 Ian Wright, Peter Bramble, David Coulthard

2009 Ian Wright, Sean Peters, Margaret Farquhar-Rigg

2008 Mike Peters, Ian Wright, Paul Rigg

2007 Ian Whitt, Paul Newton, Helen Waddington

2006 Mike Peters, Paul Newton, Chris Evans

2005 Martin Richardson, Paul Newton, Mike Peters

2004 Peter Dignan, Graham Jones, Mike Peters

2003 Paul Newton, Andrew Storer, Martin Richardson

2002 Sean Peters, John Paul Ivey, Martin Richardson

2001 Sean Peters, John Paul Ivey, Martin Richardson

2000 Mark Prutton, John Hewitt, Martin Richardson

1999 Mark Prutton, Arto Kesterlian, Martin Richardson

1998 Mark Prutton, Arto Kesterlian, Peter Harrison

1997 Mark Ashworth, John Hewitt, Peter Harrison

1996 John Hewitt, John Paul Ivey, Peter Harrison

1995 John Hewitt, Peter Harrison

1994 John Hewitt, Paul Rodman

1993 Paul Rodman, Adam Egar

1992 Stuart Peters, Peter Collis

1991 Graham Jones, Stuart Peters

1990 Bob Nettleton, Andy Booth

1989 Mark Ashworth, Mike Booker

1988 Mike Booker, Ian Hodkinson

1987 Mark Ashworth, John Hewitt

1986 Mark Ashworth, Bob Nettleton

1985 Mark Ashworth, Alan Meadows

1984 Mark Ashworth, John Hewitt