Safety Fast! – September issue now available

2nd September 2020

With the September issue of Safety Fast! arriving on the doorsteps of members, we thought we’d give you a taste of what’s included in this month’s magazine.

To celebrate 90 years of the MG Car Club this year, we’re tracing our roots right back to the early 1930s and taking a look at the various publications we have used to communicate with our members. The front cover of this issue is based on the mid-2000s issue of Safety Fast!.

Colin Withers looks at the recent auction and car buying trends.

Colin Firth strips and rebuilds his 60-year-old MGA heater, making it far more efficient.

The story of the famous American MGA Racer, born in 1929, Sherman Decker.

And we have newsletters from the SVW Register, T Type Register and MGC Register.

If you’re a non-member reading this and it sounds like something you’d enjoy looking at, our award-winning monthly magazine Safety Fast! is included as part of your membership.

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