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Off on another adventure!

9th January 2015

Pan American Highway Trip

A group of eight MGs, led by the intrepid travellers Dave and Laurel Godwin in their MGA (license plate ‘RIP’), will hit the Pan-American Highway to drive through South America, Central America, and North America to Vancouver, BC.

The team arrived in Chile on January 5, and cleared the cars, which consist of the MGA, 5 MGBs and 2 MGB GTs, through Customs to start their drive south.

The convoy will drive initially through Chile for about 17 days and about 2,600 miles to Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego in Argentina (the southernmost city of South America). By mid April they hope to cross into the USA at Douglas, AZ. By then they will have driven approximately 11,500 miles north to this point, over 85 days before starting stage two of the journey.

www.mgcc.com and Safety Fast! will bring you full details of the trip as it happens.